Hague Festival Challenge: Traditions of Flag Day

Dive into the world of the Scheveningen fishermen and -woman and celebrate local traditions of the North sea, local heritage. Best booked on the 3rd Saturday of June (Flag Day) or 3rd Saturday of August (local festival). Other dates on request.

V.a.: €37.50 p.p.
Min. deelnemers: 12
Duur: 3 hours


Dutch traditions, food tasting

Hague festival challenge Flag Day

The Hague festival challenge will show that Flag Day, Vlaggetjesdag, is more than tasting new herring and drinking gin. It’s the celebration of a local tradition. Although Scheveningen is a district of The Hague, it has a culture of its own. Fishermen & -women in their authentic costumes gather in the harbor on this festive day and proudly show century old arts & crafts. Every year history is brought back to life. 

A fishers’ wife with a basket full of strange looking tools walks by.
You might want to follow her, because these tools could be the clue to solving one of the creative assignments on the Hague festival challenge Flag Day 

Become the Lord of the Herrings

In the Lord of the Herrings Hague Festival Challenge a trail is set out in Scheveningen town and harbor. Divided into teams you wander through the festivities with your set of questions and challenges. You dive into the celebrating crowd looking for clues in the open air market where typical Dutch traditions are celebrated. You follow the trail leading to the fisher’s warehouse, pass by the port, full of ships decorated with flags to unravel the stories behind the traditions & activities taking place during this festival.

How to build a community & maintain it

Connect with locals, make an effort to become a fisherman’s friend and you learn how to maintain a community feeling. While looking for answers in customs, music, dance & unique locations, you’ll make connections you never thought you would make. Herring is sold everywhere, so why is the Scheveningen festival in June not called Herring’s Day? And, what is the link between Flag’s Day and the Dutch royal family? Find out in this exciting cultural city game The Hague – Scheveningen- ! 

  • Introduction with drink
  • Instructions
  • Game material
  • Local game instructor who will be around during this The Hague city game to answer questions

Make this Hague festival Challenge Flag Day the highlight in your Holland travels by adding for an extra fee:

  • Award ceremony
  • winner’s prizes
  • themed lunch/ dinner  
  • special gin & herring tasting – 3 x herring in a different way. 
  • workshop traditional Dutch dance
  • workshop traditional Dutch singing
  • Wear comfortable shoes & clothing, multiple layers 
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