Team challenge Leiden Ontzet – local festival

The 3 October 2020 the Relief of Leiden – Leidens Ontzet- takes place. As this year it is on a Saturday Verita’s Visit organises an adventurous challenge. Will you become the local hero & change the history of Leiden? Can be booked by groups on any other day.

V.a.: €37.50 p.p.
Min. deelnemers: 12
Duur: 3 hours


Become the local hero of the Relief of Leiden 1574

Imagine the inhabitants of your city are starving and they force you to make a radical decision, what would you do? Would you use your charms if this could save a city from its enemy’s attack? The heroes of the Leidens Ontzet, crossed boundaries to save lives. How far would you go? Find out in the City Leiden Ontzet Game.

Unique Leiden city team adventure

In the team event Leidens Ontzet you experience the city through the eyes of the heroes of the Relief of Leiden. You walk through the streets past locations where they carried out big and small deeds. Through a series of questions and creative assignments you explore psychological and cultural boundaries. With every step you take you dig deeper into a past of mysteries and it is hard to distinguish facts from fiction.

Team challenge Leiden Ontzet with locals

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone, because you’re with a team of 4 people and there are countless strangers you can ask for help. The more people you include in the completion of the assignments, the more points you score.

Corporate event Leiden

The team challenge Leiden Ontzet is a great corporate event.  The trail ends at a bar/ restaurant where you can try the typical Dutch dish. The winning team of the City Leiden Ontzet Game will receive their special Leiden prize here!

If possible do this group activity on the 3rd of October, when the Relief of Leiden festival takes place.

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The City Game Leiden Ontzet includes:

– game instructions, challenges & questions

– map of the city

– game instructor &  support during game

– 1 x entrance fee monumental building(s)

To create the ultimate Leiden Ontzet experience also book:

– typical Dutch (alcoholic) drink, snack/ coffee & apple pie

– prize for winning team

–  Award ceremony

–  typical Leiden lunch/ dinner

– entrance monuments/ museums/ experience centers to add original questions & assignment on  Leiden culture & history

  • Wear comfortable clothing, multiple layers
  • To support local entrepreneurs and promote sustainable travel Verita’s Visit Holland does not provide water bottles. You can bring your own or enjoy a drink at local cafes.
  • You’ll receive an email or call to further discuss your event. Verita’s Visit Holland is about personalized teambuilding & typical Dutch activities for everyone. Together with you & my local partners we create an unforgettable day.
  • You’ll then receive a request for a deposit. Once this is paid all arrangements will be made.
  • In between the planning, I’ll keep you updated.
  • 3 weeks before the actual event you’ll receive a request for the total payment.
  • 10 days before the actual event you’ll receive the final program, meeting point details and travel information.
  • On the day of the tour, be on time. In case you’re late, please communicate your expected time of arrival.