challenge Gouda cheese & culture – teambuilding

In the midst of the excitement on the Thursday Gouda cheese market a scream is heard. A distraught farmer holds his hands to the sides of his head and mumbles: “It’s gone. My special Gouda cheese is gone!”

V.a.: €37.50 p.p.
Min. deelnemers: 12
Duur: 3 uur


Solve the case of the missing cheese

While looking for the missing cheese in the themed challenge Gouda cheese & culture you’ll find out more about Gouda local culture. Through a series of questions and creative assignments you discover many Gouda crafts  have disappeared over the centuries. Maybe Erasmus had something to do with it?

Your task in this team challenge Gouda cheese & culture is to solve this Case of the Missing Cheese.  It all starts with cheese and ends with milk. From the weighing and trading of cheese to the milk to make the cheese. With your team of 4 people you collect clues spread out on the adventurous trail from the Gouda cheese market to stroopwafel bakeries and shops of century-old crafts in Gouda historical city centre. You uncover the mysteries of cheese-making, connect with locals, dive into local culture and find out cheese is not the only Gouda product that’s missing.

This themed game Gouda includes

– game instructions, challenges & questions

– entrance 1 Gouda attraction

– game instructor &  support during game

Add these for an extra fee & make the City Game Gouda an unique experience:


– special coffee & cheese tasting

– prize for winning team                                                       

–  Award ceremony

–  themed Gouda lunch/ dinner        

– entrance monuments/ museums/ experience centers to add original questions & assignment on Gouda culture

  • Wear comfortable shoes & clothing, multiple layers 
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