Making of Hague Peace Challenge: Global Goals

They are the centre of attention in this year's International Day of Peace. From the start  of the World Peace Day in 1982 the UN picks a theme. This year the focus is on the 17 sustanainable development goals, also known as global goals. All around the world organisations organise events around this theme. I just had one basic question: How do I implement all these objectives in the Hague Peace Challenge?

Rap on Global Goals

When the UN launched the theme 'Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace' they were aware that the theme was not easy to remember. That's why they invited Flokabulary to make a 2 minute rap about all 17 global goals.

Ideas for global goals activities on Peace day

Now with The Hague Peace Challenge the 1 of the  global goals, number #16 was quite easy to apply in the City of Peace and Justice. But, what about the other 16 sustainable development goals. Could I use them as well? I turned to the organisers of the Peace Day.

Peace Day Philly, pointed me to their list of  fantastic events they organise in Philidelphia. Have a look at their website, they have a full page dedicated to small and bigger activities you can do or organise yourself on and around the UN International Day of Peace. And if you want to implement the sustainable development goals in your daily life, hang on, I'll give you the link to a good website in a moment.

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How do global goals lead to peace?

The more I started thinking about it, the more difficult it became. How would these objectives lead to peace? Then I found the UN invitation to young people in the age of 15 and 24 from all around the world to submit a video on how these global goals can build peace. This is the channel where you can see all the vids created, but here's a sneak peek.


A few weeks ago I attended the Innovators for Peace public event. The event used the hashtag #innoSDG16. Moderator Ulrich Mans asked the panel the question:  How can innovation  help us achieve sustainable development goal #16?  Panel member Gijs Brouwer, who works for Un Global Pulse, answered that peace and justice, which is global goal #16, is best seen as a result of all the other objectives. If we are able to reduce poverty  (SDG #1) , hunger (SDG #2), we will  be one step closer to a safer and more peaceful world.

What can you do?

Now, you might think: how can I help achieve these global goals?

Well, the UN made a list of easy things you can do on a daily base....check this link.


. I want to know more about the The Hague Peace Challenge