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Hague castle event venue once a brewer's farm

There's a The Hague castle event venue, that was once was a brewer's farm. Jan, son of a  golf club maker made money brewing beer. On an estate the size of 7 rugby fields he built a farmhouse. Now, when you walk in the dense estate's forest it is not a farmhouse that's hidden from sight.

custom made bike tour castles Hague kasteel op maat gemaakte tour Haag Verita's Visit

Delft brewer's fortune

Jan Pieterszn. Colff doesn't want to follow his father's footsteps and make golf clubs. He does what many do in his days and opens a  brewery.  In de Witte Hoefijsser  - In The White Horseshoe-  is right next to the canal  in Voorstraat 2 in Delft. Two centuries later, in 1770, his grandson Pieter Maartenszn.  enjoys great fortune. He adds Hoeffijser to his name and replaces his great grandfather's 'Colffmaekerswoning' - house of a golf club maker- . Pieter proudly calls the new building 'House of Hoeffijser'.  It comprises a mansion surrounded by a canal and a small farmer's house. To make sure outsiders understand the difference between mansion and farmer's house the first is referred to as Large Horseshoe.

The woman and the Dutch estate

Mid 19th century brickmanufacturer Cornelis Schiffer van Bleyswijk renovates the whole estate and dedicates it to his wife Suzanna de Wildt. The Large Horseshoe estate is now De Wiltenburg, later known as Wittenburg. It still is not a Hague castle event venue, but this will change. At the turn of the 20th century an esquire knocks on the door and buys estate De Wittenburg.

custom made tour castles Hague kasteel op maat activiteit Haag Verita's Visit
Front side castle De Wittenburg

Wittenburg becomes a castle near Hague

Fashion changes with time.  Esquire Helenus Martinus Speelman has high demands when it comes to the design of his new house. His architect Johannes van Nieukerken has to make several designs before Helenus finally approves the design.   This is the moment the brewer's farm, the brickmanufacturer's house becomes the castle near Hague.  Parts of demolished houses in Amsterdam and The Hague form the castle.  When his mansion is almost finished and the tower is built, Helenus tells the workers to remove tower and upper floor. Still not happy with the result, he asks his friend, also promoter of the interests of Dutch castles, for advice. The upper floor and tower are rebuilt.

The Hague castle event venue & hotel

What was once a brewer's farm is now a The Hague castle event venue.  Royalty, ministers and corporates have been coming to this stately 4 star hotel and event locationfor ages. With the opening of the new restaurant, Sophie, named after the wife of Helenus you can now also enjoy the estate's tranquility  during a lunch, high tea or dinner in De Wittenburg.

side event location Hague Haag locatie personeelsuitje Verita's Visit
Lime tree lane towards castle near Hague

Explore the estate and it's surrounding

One extra tip: Explore the park which is full of monuments and monumental trees. From different sides you'll find great sneek peaks on the castle, its pond and outside terrace. When you you enter estate De Witteburg via the original lime lane you'll see the estate's border monument with the initials of Helenus.

History tour nature Hague geschiedenis activiteit natuur Den Haag Verita's Visit
Initials H.M.S. on estate's border monument

You can also reach this Dutch castle by bike. There is an amazing cycle route from The Hague to Leiden that passes several estates in this part of Holland. Some, like this castle near Hague are hard to spot in spring and summer due to the lush monumental trees.

The Hague castle event venue sneak peek


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Royal The Hague Estate De Horsten

Want to see a palace, castle or estate? At Royal The Hague estate De Horsten you might even see king Willem- Alexander, queen Maxima and their three beautiful daughters.


Dutch Parks Come With Castles

When you visit the Netherlands and all of a sudden find yourself surrounded by nature, keep your eyes open! You might find a Dutch castle, an estate or even catch a glimpse of the royal family of the Netherlands. Highest chances to see the Dutch king and queen is in The Hague area, province South Holland.

Flower tour The Hague bloemenroute Den Haag Verita's Visit
Are you in the Dutch countryside or a park? You might see a palace!

The  Route of Dunes and Forest

The royal estate The Hague that is closest to the city centre is the Huis ten Bosch palace. You could start your walk or bike ride here. Cycling routes and walking trails take you from The Hague to Leiden on a route full of sandy dunes and lush green parks. In spring and summer at least. In autumn the parks are filled with golden, brown, red and orange leaves fallen from the oaks and chestnut trees.  Winding paths take you to the pièce the resistance of every estate: a 17th or 18th mansion.

Where the Dutch King lives

In Wassenaar, a cosy village right between The Hague and Leiden the royal The Hague estate De Horsten is located. The Dutch word 'horst' means: a higher sandy ground with trees or surrounded by trees. The three estates Raaphorst, Ter Horst and Eikenhorst were bought by the royal family in the 1800's and together now form royal The Hague estate De Horsten. Dutch king Willem-Alexander, queen Maxima and their daughters Alexia, Amalia and Ariane lived in Villa Eikenhorst. In 2019 the royal family moved to Huis ten Bosch palace.

bloementocht Den Haag bike tour flowers Hague Verita's Visit
Rhododendron flowers May/ June royal estate The Hague

Royal Estate The Hague

Highlights of this royal estate The Hague are the Seringenberg and the tea pavilion. The Seringenberg, hill of lilacs, blooms with purple flowers beginning of May. When you climb up the twirling hill path beginning of June, you'll be captivated by the richly scented mock orange - Philadelphus coronarius-. On top you can rest in a small pavilion. From here you see the typical winding paths, meadows and the clear borders off grassland and trees created by 19th century landscape designer Zocher jr.

Verita's Visit royal park The Hague koninklijke route

Cycling and Coffee, Hike & High Tea

The tea pavilion De Horsten is a cosy place that from the inside still reminds of the time it was used as hunting lodge by Prince Frederik in the 19th century. The tea room is decorated with hunting trophees. The entrance to the tea pavilion is magical and so is the view on the terrace. A great place to enjoy a lovely cup of tea or have a coffee break on your cycling tour.

royal coffee stop Verita's Visit The Hague Haag koninklijke high tea

Useful info:

  • Cycling is not allowed inside De Horsten. There are signed walking trails of different distances.
  • Royal The Hague estate De Horsten entrance fee is: €1.00 per adult, for seniors and children between 4-14 years old €0.50

You can buy the entrance tickets at the entrance.

  • The easiest entrance is at: 
Papeweg 36, 2245 AG Wassenaar. This is closest to the tea pavilion.
  • Opening hours
From 1/4-1/9 it's open daily from 9 AM - 8.30PM
From 1/9 - 1/4 it's open Tue-Sun 9 AM - 5 PM
The tea pavilion De Horsten is open from Wednesday till Sunday from 10AM till 4.45PM.

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