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Summer tulips: dahlias. Photoblog of a flower show garden

...other dahlias are in between summer & autumn

The end of the tulip season is never a happy one. The sight of the sea of colours brings so much joy and happiness. Once the tulips are gone, what is there to look forward to? Well, dahlias! You could call them the summer tulips. Just like tulips they're bulb flowers, they're amazingly colourful, with lots of varieties and there are fields full of them. Here's an photo impression of the dahlia show garden near Keukenhof. Read more

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September events in The Hague 2021

We wave the summer holidays goodbye as the first signs of autumn creep in. Schools in the Netherlands have started again and everyone's back to work. Many expats in The Hague have just arrived. The Dutch language, the Dutch culture, the food & the people. It's not easy to get used to. Fortunately there are a few  September events in The Hague that make internationals feel at home. Read more

August Events in the Netherlands

Summer in Holland is fantastic. Long, colourful days with nice temperatures and a good amount of sunshine ( most of the time at least).   Whether you like music, food or flowers, t here's always something to do. Most of the time you can even combine all of your interests, passions and hobbies by going to one place or even one festival.  Now, to make sure you won't miss out on some typical Dutch activities during your Holland holiday I wanted to highlight some August events in the Netherlands that Verita's Visit organises themed food & flowers.

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How to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen 2018

Great that you're coming to the International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen. To get to Scheveningen is quite easy, but I would recommend you to prepare your trip as this popular festival expects tens of thousands of visitors. Here are some tips on how to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen.

Best way to get to the Firework festival Scheveningen is by bike
Best way to get to the Firework festival Scheveningen is by bike

Cycling to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen

Of course, as a bike fan I would suggest to come by bike. Your journey to the Scheveningen beach won't be any longer than usual, you don't depend on bus or tram schedules and you can easily leave the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen. Finding a parking spot for your bike can be difficult though, so even when you come by bike, come a bit earlier. If you're looking for a bike parking check biesieklette.   If you're not from The Hague you can also rent a bike at Biesieklette. These are the rental locations:

  • Grote Markt (Laan 9)
  • Driehoekjes (Grote Halstraat 9)
  • Spuiplein (onder het stadhuis)
  • Anna van Buerenstraat (achter het Centraal Station)
  • Zeeman Grote Markstraat
  • Rabbijn Maarsenplein
  • Du Nord Keizerstraatpark & bike in Fireworks Festival Scheveningen



Park & Bike

Coming by car is a real hassle and I definitely wouldn't recommend it. If you do want to come by car, check for available parking spot in the area of the International Fireworks Festival.  If you really want to take the car to Scheveningen beach I suggest to use this website . This is a special Park & Ride system as you book a parking spot in advance ánd can add public transport,  taxi service or a rental bike . Do make sure that you reserve a bike at least one  day in advance as this is quite a popular service.

Want to use public transport to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen?
Want to use public transport to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen?

Fireworks Festival Scheveningen: just a tramride away

The last option to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen is to come by tram. At the servicedesks in The Hague Centraal Station and Hollands Spoor they sell €4.00 event tickets which is valid for both ways. You can take tram 1 and 11 from and to railway station The Hague Hollands Spoor or tram 9 from The Hague Centraal railway station. Bus 21, 22 and 23 have several stops in The Hague city centre.  Check for more information ( in Dutch) HTM or

General information on how to get to beach resort Scheveningen can be found on this website.  The  fireworks festival Scheveningen takes place on 10,11, 17 & 18 August 2018. More information on the festival itself can be found here

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Magical castles in South Holland

Tall, direct and often - extremely- extravert. The Dutch are not known for being refined, courteous or even humble. Dutch style is sober. In every day life you'll hardly ever find the ground covered with a red carpet in front of you . Fortunately we have a great Dutch tradition on Pentecost. On this bank holiday you can live your fairytale. See what it's like to live like a king. Several estates and a few magical castles in South Holland and in other Dutch regions open their doors to the public. A day to dive in a world of glamour and exciting history.

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Easter tulip celebration in the Keukenhof area

The blooming spring flowers make the Keukenhof area fantastic to explore between March and May. There are many special events in that period and the Easter tulip celebration is fabulous. The region of tulips, daffodils & hyacinths transforms into one big spring flower festival. Pack your easter eggs, fill your bottles with eggnog, get out of Amsterdam for a daytrip and discover the Keukenhof area with these tips.

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November Light Festival Utrecht

It's a tradition of my own. When heavy grey clouds make autumn days gloomy I turn to the magic of light. Christmas lights in Holland city centres are little crisps, they make me feel at home. But, what really ignites the fire within me are the different light festivals. The November Light Festival Utrecht is like entering a feelgood fairytale.


(updated 2 November 2019)

During the November Light Festival Utrecht the city celebrates its patron saint Sint Maarten, in English known as Saint Martin.  The celebration of previous years was a big success, which is why  the city organises different activities for the entire family again this year. All week long.


I was completely enchanted. A giant lantern in the shape of Saint Martin himself led a long lantern parade. Children, their parents and members of different organisations followed with unique lanterns in all sizes and shapes. They didn't just walked through the streets: they sang, danced and their enthusiasm was so contagious that many joined the festivities. By seeing, hearing and living this November Light Festival Utrecht my inner happiness manifested in an all giving radiant smile. All of Saint Martin's friends and fans united in the small courtyard of the St Catharijne convent. Here  they sang songs about being together, being merciful and sharing with those in need, the exact same virtues connected with Saint Martin. In 2019 this light parade takes place on Saturday evening 9 November.

The November Light Festival Utrecht or Saint Martin's celebrations takes place from 3 till 11 November 2019

More information on all activities can be found on






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Making of Hague Peace Challenge: Global Goals

They are the centre of attention in this year's International Day of Peace. From the start  of the World Peace Day in 1982 the UN picks a theme. This year the focus is on the 17 sustanainable development goals, also known as global goals. All around the world organisations organise events around this theme. I just had one basic question: How do I implement all these objectives in the Hague Peace Challenge?

Rap on Global Goals

When the UN launched the theme 'Sustainable Development Goals: Building Blocks for Peace' they were aware that the theme was not easy to remember. That's why they invited Flokabulary to make a 2 minute rap about all 17 global goals.

Ideas for global goals activities on Peace day

Now with The Hague Peace Challenge the 1 of the  global goals, number #16 was quite easy to apply in the City of Peace and Justice. But, what about the other 16 sustainable development goals. Could I use them as well? I turned to the organisers of the Peace Day.

Peace Day Philly, pointed me to their list of  fantastic events they organise in Philidelphia. Have a look at their website, they have a full page dedicated to small and bigger activities you can do or organise yourself on and around the UN International Day of Peace. And if you want to implement the sustainable development goals in your daily life, hang on, I'll give you the link to a good website in a moment.

Photo from:
Photo from:

How do global goals lead to peace?

The more I started thinking about it, the more difficult it became. How would these objectives lead to peace? Then I found the UN invitation to young people in the age of 15 and 24 from all around the world to submit a video on how these global goals can build peace. This is the channel where you can see all the vids created, but here's a sneak peek.


A few weeks ago I attended the Innovators for Peace public event. The event used the hashtag #innoSDG16. Moderator Ulrich Mans asked the panel the question:  How can innovation  help us achieve sustainable development goal #16?  Panel member Gijs Brouwer, who works for Un Global Pulse, answered that peace and justice, which is global goal #16, is best seen as a result of all the other objectives. If we are able to reduce poverty  (SDG #1) , hunger (SDG #2), we will  be one step closer to a safer and more peaceful world.

What can you do?

Now, you might think: how can I help achieve these global goals?

Well, the UN made a list of easy things you can do on a daily base....check this link.


. I want to know more about the The Hague Peace Challenge





Impressions Flower Parade Westland Day

The last years I've seen the floating Flower Parade Westland on Delfland day, the last day of this local festival in South Holland. It was like a tradition, you could find me near the Schaapwei mill in Rijswijk, near 't Haantje and later on near the Nieuwe Plantage in Delft.  This year I wanted to see the boats decorated with flowers, fruit and vegetables at the start. I chose the Westland day on Saturday for a special reason.

Picnic time at Flower Parade Westland
Picnic time at Flower Parade Westland

Flower Parade Westland, it is a Dutch celebration

What I like about the Dutch is the way they turn a local festival like the Flower Parade Westland into a full day family outing. Early morning they load their stuff on their bikes or in the trunk of the car and head to their perfect spot to see the flower and vegetable decorated boats pass by. They reach their destination far before the start of the parade and then settle. Take out their foldable chairs, their picnic material, put their children on a blanket with some toys, give their dog a bone and then they're set.

Colourful boat supporting sick children.
Colourful boat supporting sick children.

Now I've followed their example and the last years I've taken my picknick basket. Then I discovered that on Saturday, the Flower Parade Westland Day there were all sorts of small local markets in the Westland towns. So, I decided I would buy some Westland produced local fruit and vegetables on the way. After the first stop, Sonnehoeck, a historical grape grower I became more and more excited. Everywhere were these stalls where you could buy tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers.













With my basket loaded with all kind of yummie stuff I cycled to the start of the Flower Parade, the Trade Park Westland where the first decorated boats where already passing by.  A man saw my basket and a big smile came on his face. Turned out he had worked at a grape nursery in the Westland as a teenager and had a summer job in picking tomatoes. That was before he moved to the east of the country where he met his Chinese wife, who simply is delighted to see all the boats. He brings her to the Flower Parade Westland every year and while she is enjoying the decoration, memories flash through his mind. Love the way you can so easily get in contact with people during a local festival. And, at the Flower Parade Westland you'll find out a lot of the spectators have some kind of personal link to the festival.

Close up artistic creation Westland Flower Parade winner
Close up artistic creation Westland Flower Parade winner

I took my picknick basket and found a spot on top of a bridge, which offered quite a different perspective and from there took some pictures and some vids. The vids can be found on my Instagram account.

This boat even used flowers in the costumes!
This boat even used flowers in the costumes!
This decorated boat is my favourite. Love the mix of vegetables and flowers
This decorated boat is my favourite. Love the mix of vegetables and flowers


In 2021 the Westland flower parade will take place in July

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Story and History of Flag Day Scheveningen

Scheveningen logo herring-veritasvisitMy first visit to Flag Day Scheveningen  was out of curiousity. I heard that the whole festival around herring, and more precisely the new herring. But, if it was all about the herring, why wasn’t  it called Herring Day or Herring Festival? I decided it was time to unravel the mystery and look for the story and history of Flag Day Scheveningen...

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