There she is. Standing tall, she is pure and fills the room with warmth. She brings color to these grey and dark winter days. That extra spark you need to get in the festive holiday mood. Like the poinsettia, the Amaryllis is a popular holiday flower. Unlike the Christmas star she has secret powers.

The Christmas plant that is a holiday flower gift

She is an actual flower. And that is the first secret power of the amaryllis. The red parts in the centre of the poinsettia are sometimes mistaken for flowers. These are leaves, only red when they’re exposed to little daylight. The amaryllis grows from a flower bulb and comes in many colors. Typically it comes in the traditional colors we associate with the holiday season: snowy white and warming red. One glimpse of this starlike bloom and you’re in a festive Winter Wonderland.  One of the reasons that makes this popular holiday flower a traditional gift.

Amaryllis popular holiday flower bloom winter

A flower to bloom in winter

The second secret power of the amaryllis is that she’s a flower that blooms in winter. In countries with a cold climate this flower bulb is cultivated as an indoor plant thriving well in room temperature. With the right care the bloom of an amaryllis can last long. The amaryllis flowering season starts in November and she comes to full beauty late December. Ideal for people celebrating both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Bringing us to the last and best secret power of this winter-blooming flower.

A gift to make your confidence bloom

In an earlier post you could read about the meaning of the July bulb flower: gladiolus. Well, with the amaryllis you’re sure to give a meaningful holiday present. The last secret power is that she is a gift to grow confidence. As said, this is a slow blooming winter bulb flower.  Winter is the time everyone could use a bit of strength, determination, success and confidence. And that is exactly what the amaryllis stands for.  Be a witness of how the amaryllis flower bulb turns into a winter blooming flower beauty. See how she grows in confidence: tall & strong, slowly opening to become a Christmas star. The name amaryllis comes from Greek and means sparkling. Nothing better than a sparkling bulb flower Christmas gift. Wrap it, gift a wax dipped flower bulb and it will bloom. No water needed. 

Make her heart go b(l)oom with this popular holiday experience

The best holiday experience for this gift of confidence is when you’re present at all fantastic stages of the flowering process. Therefore I suggest a fresh bulb in a transparent glass or vase, with its roots touching a thin layer of water. Add this festive flower to your Christmas decoration, nurture it, love it and she soon will become the center of attention and color the room with her warming red or wintry white. 

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