In 2023 flower festival Keukenhof will bloom again. It is not just one of the largest gardens in the world. It is also one of the most popular spring attractions in the Amsterdam area. Start planning your spring visit 2023  to Holland now with this info & tips.


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The 2023 flower festival Keukenhof, when will it be open?

The Keukenhof tulip gardens open the third week of March. In 2023 tulip festival Keukenhof opens its gates on Thursday 23 March. The last day to visit the park is 15 May. This is the second Sunday of May.  In these 8 weeks the Dutch spring garden is open every day.  Also on bank holidays such as Easter and the typical Dutch public holiday King’s Day. 


What are the best hours to visit Keukenhof?

In the spring flower and tulip season 2023 flower festival Keukenhof is open for 8 weeks. The opening hours of the Dutch flower park are from 8 AM – 7:30 PM.  As a tour guide of the tulip bike tour around the famous Dutch tulip gardens, I see less people on Mondays and Tuesdays. From my cycling tour participants I hear the tulip park Holland is nice and quiet on these days. The best hours to visit Keukenhof are before 10 AM and after 3 PM. It takes about 3 hours to enjoy the full spring flower park. 

Do you recommend a morning or evening visit Keukenhof?

As I wait for my participants for the 10 AM cycling tour Keukenhof area at the entrance of this flower celebration, I see many people arrive at 9:30 AM.  I usually recommend going before our morning tulip field bike tour starts. This may seem extremely early as you are on holiday in Holland, but take my word for it. The birds, the spring flowers waking up and coming to bloom, a veil of mist. It’s amazing!

Evening visits in 2023 flower festival Keukenhof are also great. After a tour I always advise my participants to go for lunch in some of my favorite nearby locations. To then visit the Holland spring flower gardens after lunch. That will be around 3, 4 PM. Evenings in Keukenhof Amsterdam are also a real treat to all your senses. The park stays open till 7:30 PM, so you have enough time to enjoy every spring flower. 

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What is the best time to visit Keukenhof spring garden?

As said, Keukenhof is a popular attraction near Amsterdam. From the annual exhibit of spring-flowering bulbs in 1945 it is now a massive spring event. In normal years it attracts over a million international visitors. That’s almost 26.000 people visiting per day. Of course, it is not that busy every day. 

The peak really is Mid- April, around the time of the Flower Parade. Before the pandemic it was almost impossible to reach the flower festival Keukenhof on those days. The Dutch spring park’s popularity caused large traffic jams and blocked roads. People were even advised to come on another day. 

If you don’t like tourist crowds, try to plan your spring holiday Holland in the second or third week of April or after the 23rd of April. Are you coming to see the Dutch tulips in the park and want to tour the tulip fields in the Keukenhof area? Contact me for all possibilities and an update on the flowering of the bulb fields. Or sign up for the newsletter ( at the end of this blogpost). 

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Where can I buy Keukenhof garden tickets 2023 and what’s the price?

Keukenhof tickets 2023 can now be bought. You can also already book a tour or celebration. 

Keukenhof tickets 2023  can be bought online here , On the link page you can find all the info you need about purchasing an entrance ticket.  You will have to decide on a couple of things:

  • Which date do you want to visit the tulip gardens?
  • Which time works best for you? 

Take into account that time flies when you’re enjoying yourself. A visit to the Amsterdam spring gardens take about 3 hours. The 2022 flower festival Keukenhof works with timeslots this year. The time stated on your entrance ticket is the time you have to enter the park. You can not enter earlier or later. But, as soon as you are in the Keukenhof gardens you can stay as long as you want.


The Keukenhof ticket price for 2023 is:


Adults  €19.50
Kids ( 4-17 years old) €9.00


Tickets are likely to get sold fast. Especially when you’re planning to come around Easter, 15-17 April, the Flower Parade on Saturday 22 April or King’s Day 27 April 2023. 


Is there a discount or cheaper 2023 flower festival Keukenhof ticket?

Discount tickets are not available at this moment. Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated. 

When you are a true Keukenhof addict and love to get all the garden inspiration there is also a seasonal ticket on sale for €45.00 p.p. Kids4- 17 years old years pay €17,50.

This only is recommended when you have plans to visit the Dutch flower gardens more than 3 times.




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Buy your entrance tickets Keukenhof gardens March- May 2023

Buy your bus transfer  Amsterdam city centre – tulip gardens March – May 2023 here

Buy your bus transfer Leiden – tulip gardens March – May 2023 here

There are bus transfers from Amsterdam, Schiphol or Leiden to the tulip gardens. In 2023 you choose a timeslot for the journey towards the gardens. You can then take any of the busses departing 30 minutes before and 60 minutes after the chosen timeslot. For the journey back to your starting point you do not need to reserve a timeslot.

Are you looking for information on how to get to Keukenhof park from Amsterdam, Leiden or Schiphol. Check this article.