Dubbed as the Green city by the sea, visiting The Hague outdoors with kids is just one big celebration. 


With over 1000 hectares (2500 acres) of dunes, parks and estates there’s always a quiet place for you to relax and space for your kids to play. It takes a 15 minutes tram or bike ride from The Hague city centre to get to the beach. In no time you’ll find a park & play.

kids cycling the hague forest stop royal Verita's Visit
Short stop on the familyfriendly bike tour at the Dutch royals in The Hague forest

What’s the nearest child friendly park to The Hague city centre?

Travelling to Amsterdam often means visits to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh and Anne Frank museum, a canal river cruise and other top ten sightseeing attractions. Long days walking through the city and at the end of the day you’re still trying to process all the wonderful impressions of this vibrant capital of the Netherlands.

Take a break. Get away from the crowd, get into a direct train and travel to The Hague. Walk out of The Hague Centraal station and you’re in nature. Stroll along the deer park in Koekamp and before you know it you’re in The Hague forest. It is the nearest child friendly park to The Hague city centre. There are several playgrounds within this city forest where kids can play and run freely while connecting with nature.


My tip as a local The Hague guide: Louwman museum is at the end of The Hague forest

The Hague forest offers many play areas to  learn about nature’s secrets

Which park in The Hague is best for kids?

On the family tours The Hague I take my participants to some of the best outdoor places in the city’s surroundings – I specialise in countryside & nature tours- One day though another The Hague local, mother of two, took me to the Zuiderpark. Not that I had never been there. It has some amazing cycling and walking paths that twirl through the whole city park. What I didn’t know is that it has three large play areas and three adventurous themed playgrounds. If this park in The Hague is best for kids? Well, if you have so many choices between park & play areas, as a kid you would rate Zuiderpark high, no?


My tip as a local The Hague guide: If you’re here in summer, check out the Zuiderpark open air theater.


Parks to visit with kids school holiday weekends The Hague Verita's Visit tours
Swing by The Hague for adventurous playgrounds & interesting restaurants

Any tips on family friendly nature areas in The Hague?


Of course you want your kids to have space to have fun, enjoy nature, play with other kids. But, as a parent you also deserve a moment to sit down and relax. That’s what makes the difference between a kid friendly park and a family friendly nature area. The last offers coffee and cake and a place in the shade near the outdoor playground. There are restaurants near most of the nature hotspots I mention in this post. One of my favorite places for The Hague outdoors with kids is the Westbroekpark. There’s a small playground, but a large field of grass. Next door is café Greens in the Park, a greenhouse in the middle of The Hague where they grow their own vegetables. A dream location for families in The Hague.


My tip as a local The Hague guide: miniature Holland Madurodam is just around the corner.




Is there a park with a children’s playground and walking or cycling trail?

With all its green space The Hague is one of the nicest cities in the province South Holland to combine different outdoor activities. The earlier mentioned Zuiderpark is well known for its sporting facilities. You can follow a beautiful cycling and walking route.  Many playgrounds in nature are within parks or estates. You can easily get there by bike or foot. Just want to escape the city and quickly get to a car free zone? Public transport is great in this green city by the sea. To enter the parks and estates you don’t have to pay an entrance ticket. 

No cars or cyclists are allowed in Clingendael estate. It has a playzone as well as a 5 km walking trail. There’s a cute tea pavilion where you can also get an ice-cream or typical Dutch apple pie.









My tip as a local The Hague guide: 2 times a year, in fall and in spring, the Japanese garden opens to visitors. This garden is located within the Clingendael estate. Access is free.  In 2021 it is open from Saturday 16 october untill sunday 31 october from 10.00 tot 16.00 o clock. 

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Hague outdoors with kids cycling route parks & playgrounds
Cycling is a great outdoor activity for the whole family and easy way to get from park to playground

Which other activities can I do in The Hague outdoors with kids?

There are many more nature areas in The Hague. Places near the beach where your children can play and you can re-energize. Some of my favorite outdoor playgrounds in The Hague are still not known by tourists or even locals. I like to keep these quiet places a secret, until we meet on one of my tours or events. From bike ride to horse and carriage family adventure, Verita’s Visit can arrange it for you in The Hague, thé place for outdoor activities with kids. 


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