Less tourists, more interaction with locals. Visit flower fields in summer around the tulip gardens Netherlands and you’ll feel that burst of happiness. The colorful explosion of dahlias and other bulb flowers will make your heart go b(l)oom like tulips do. And, when that’s not enough there are still the highlights of the Flower Region. And the local festivals. All best to be explored by bike. A great way to taste the local culture in a relaxed way and live the Dutch life. Even if it’s just for 1 day.

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It is certainly not what you expect. When you tour the Flower Region below Amsterdam in your summer vacation you expect to see the land at rest after a full spring flowering season.  You’ll be surprised to see the area around the Keukenhof gardens is full of color. No, these are not tulips. This is the Indian summer flower festival and the reason why you should visit flower fields at the end of your summer holiday.  Preferably by bike. 

Veritas Visit Keukenhof summer bulb flower field bike tourVisit Dutch flower fields fall & let your senses surprise you

Not so long ago, the Netherlands was one big tulip field. A country known for its tulips. A few years ago, the bulb farmers in the oldest flower region of the Netherlands started a new project: summer bulb flower fields. To show the world there is more to the Dutch bulb cultivation than tulip growing. Here and there the first patches of land were transformed into the most colorful flower fields. And now, when you start cycling from the Dutch coastline with your bike tour guide and enter the flower strip of Amsterdam there are fields of lilies, brometia, gladioli welcoming you in all their splendid colors and scents.

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Visit flower fields in early fall and you’ll see less tourists. The tulip fields in the Netherlands are still more popular.  And that’s great! It gives you the chance to experience the authentic local culture. No crowds means a more relaxed vibe, enjoying the best flower spots around the tulip gardens of the Netherlands.

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There’s more though, the flower villages and bulb industry also organise all sorts of local events and open their doors till end September, early October. As there are less tourists, you have more time to connect with the bulb farmers during your summer flower field bike tour stop, celebrate the local flower events with the locals. An easy way to live the Dutch life, even if it’s just for 1 day.


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