Mark your calendar! On Saturday 3 October 2020 the Leiden Ontzet challenge takes place for the second time. Registration with your own team of 3/4 people is possible. In this group outing you and your team follow a trail through the historical centre of Leiden. At different historical locations there’s an assignment. Enjoy the Leiden local festival, get social with a local and become the hero of the challenge.

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Local food & traditions in Leiden local festival

The Leiden local festival, Leidens Ontzet, is an annual celebration on the 3rd of October. Local food and traditions play an important part. Travels abroad have taught me how difficult it is to understand the traditions of a festival if you’re not a local. Visiting unknown local festivals also showed me how easy it is to connect with locals.

Get social with a local in Leiden

In 2015 I created the Leiden Ontzet Treasure Hunt.  With this city game Dutch and international travelers dive into the roots of the Leiden local festival.  Every team of 3/4 participants receives the game material: questions and creative assigments they have to do enroute. The goal is to become the hero of the Leiden local festival. As you walk the trail through the city centre you visit historical locations and hidden gems. The more you connect with locals, the more you get ‘social with a local’, the more points you earn. The local food, typical for the Leidens Ontzet is waiting for you at the end, at the grand finale.

Register your team and become a Leiden hero

We had to wait 5 years for the Leidens Ontzet Leiden local festival to be celebrated on Saturday. In 2020 3 October falls on Saturday again. So, if you want to register with your own team, now’s your chance. Next possibility is Saturday 3 October 2026!

More info and booking 

Verita’s Visit Holland loves to personalise local tours & team events in the Netherlands. If the Leidens Ontzet Challenge is your ideal combination of local fun and local food, do contact me!  Tell me your preferred day of the week and other wishes. I hope to create a team activity inspired on this local festival for you soon.  See this example of a personalised group outing in Leiden

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