It’s your mother’s birthday. She’s got green fingers, owns a plant nursery in the UK for over 35 years now. So what do you gift her? A private tour Dutch greenhouse in the area below The Hague! 

greenhouse teambuilding Verita's Visit private tour family friends kas rondleidingBirthday Weekend in the Netherlands

Well, you actually celebrate mom’s birthday with a weekend in the Netherlands. Booked your train ticket, took your toddler, invited a friend and here you are: in the Westland, centre of horticulture. This is where all the magic in the vegetable, flower and fruit sector happens. On Friday you get up early in the morning to see the Flower Auction followed by a visit to a chrysantemum greenhouse. The next day you are to visit a fruit greenhouse.

Chrysantemum next to the Delta Works

Your guide, overenthusiastic as always, especially when it concerns a birthday or other family celebration, arranges some surprises in the private tour Dutch greenhouse. Then she hears you’ve already been to the greenhouse full of chrysantemums (mums 🙂 ) in between the sluice and Delta Works. Your guide quickly alters the route.

teambuilding Verita's Visit kas rondleiding Den Haag Dutch greenhouse tour private

Yellow courgette nursery private tour Dutch greenhouse

In a relaxed pace you cycle to the first surprise. Your 18 months old toddler is enjoying the bike ride from the back seat. After a few turns and swirls you arrive at your destination. First, your guide tells you about the local initiative started by Marja van der Ende. She helps glass houses sell the fruit & vegetables that would otherwise be thrown away. Ewa, owner of the  courgette nursery, is extremely happy with the initiative. All her beautiful yellow courgettes, not perfect enough for export or supermarket, are sold to locals.

Ewa introduces you to her husband, who starts the tour in their family business by explaining the difference between male and female flowers. Mum can’t wait to ask questions and your 1.5 year old daughter is looking for the cat that wanders around.

Locally grown Dutch tomato

After this courgette friendly private tour Dutch greenhouse, you’re back on the saddle towards another nursery. This one you don’t visit, you just enjoy their terrace and a small bite – tomato soup ( from locally grown tomatoes?)-. The cycling route now goes through the dunes. You cycle on a dike. This gives a nice view on the Holland greenhouses on your right. In another 20 minutes you reach the last stop in the Glass City: the fruit greenhouse.



Fruit Picking for Kids ánd Adults

Gerda, the mother of the owner, tells you about the concept of this generation old family business. There’s a large greenhouse for supermarket produce and a small greenhouse full of different berries and cherries. This is meant for families. They come here to pick fruit and kids learn how fruit & vegetables are grown in the Netherlands. There are several areas where children can play and parents can relax. The ultimate combination of education, relaxation and fun. Of course picking your own food, maked the fruit evern tastier. And it’s healthy!

family tour Verita's Visit The Hague familie rondleiding Den Haag

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