The Netherlands is calling and here you are: making plans to travel to Amsterdam and beyond with the whole family.  Include one of these typical Dutch activities with your -grand- children in 2021. I’m sure your family is going to love it.


In the last years I’ve organised different activities for small and big families. From single parent tours to multigenerational trips.  I like to go out of my way to organise your dream trip Holland when you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or bar mitswa. And even if there is no special occassion I like to make your tour or event in the Netherlands a celebration.

Horse carriage ride Hague see different perspective Verita's Visit

Typical Dutch food tours & workshops

The most popular tours booked by families last year were definitely those related to food. Gouda cheese farm visits are great as the kids can run around, pet the animals and some farms even have a playground. Guided tours with the cheese farmer are interactive: milk your own cow, taste goat’s milk, herd the cattle. The most spectacular are, of course, the cheese making workshops. Love to see how kids share their knowledge with the farmer. Most of the kids, thanks to you, (grand) parent, are well prepared and know more about cheese making then the average Gouda cheese farm visitor.


Leiden cheese tour Verita's Visit kaasboerderij uitje

Added to the cheese experience is often a visit to a windmill, a stroopwafel baking workshop. In the right season a visit to a apple orchard or asparragus farm is also great to add, or as stand alone activity. Just ask for the many seasonal options.

Delft teambuilding Verita's Visit

Rembrandt & Pilgrims Fathers

With the 350th death anniversary of Rembrandt in 2019 and the Mayflower 400th anniversary in 2020, Leiden is one of the cities to visit in the Netherlands this year.  Buildings, canals, even food & drinks connect Rembrandt to the Pilgrim Fathers an the Golden Age in this city. You can find all sorts of activities on Verita’s Visit’s typical Dutch activities with your -grand- children in 2020 entail a game, a food tour, boat tour, creative workshops like creating a map og Leiden or making a 17th century dish. In the  Leiden challenge, a city game, you follow  the footsteps of the 17th century Leiden painter ánd explore the Pilgrim’s Leiden. On a food tour in and around the city of Delft, you taste the Golden Age flavors in abundance. And then there’s the hidden gem connected to the life of Vermeer. A beautiful place, in the middle of the Dutch countryside.


Explore Holland by bike family trip

Now I hardly ever meet my participants at the farm, windmill, greenhouse itself. For me, it’s about the journey. Showing you the Dutch countryside, the cows grazing in the pasture lands is part of the trip. Besides, this way you get to visit even more cheese farms and other great hidden gems.

As some of you know, I am a huge fan of the parent-child tandem. Kids always want to speed up, beat their mother/ father at cycling. So they give all their energy. As a result, you don’t have to do anything. So, one of the typical Dutch activities with your -grand- children in 2020 should really be a bike tour on a tandem. Ah, by the way, a  ‘regular ‘tandem is also great for when one of your nieces, uncles or sisters is not that good in cycling.

Cycling family tulip fields bloementocht generaties Verita's Visit

Behind the scenes of Dutch life

Kids are very curious.  Showing them what’s going on on a windmill or in a Delft blue pottery workshop, fills me with happiness. Their questions and suggestions surprise you, make you think. Love it! And so do the cheese farmers, millers, shop owners, vegetable growers. A peek behind the scenes is just always a good idea, especially when it’s interactive. My favorite season is spring and the flower festivals in the Bulb region really make my heart go b(l)oom. With tulip picking you need some strenght, so this is also a great activity for men. And, tulips and other spring flowers love their pictures taken. A photo workshop Keukenhof season on how to take the best photos of flowers, the Dutch countryside, people is also a great group activity.

Flower Parade special tour behind scenes Verita's Visit Keukenhof

The behind the scenes tour of the Flower Parade Keukenhof is just fantastic. The atmosphere is fantastic: music, all volunteers working on their floats. You see all the floats on display and you even can lend a hand and help decorate the masterpieces. It’s not just a typical Dutch activity that I recommend for 2020. If you have the chance to see this, in 2021, 2025, do so!


And then there’s also the less known flower mosaic festival, made mostly out of hyacinths. The results are amazing, even more when you also stuck some flowers in the artwork. There’s more, much more. In spring, in autumn. Let’s talk and create your dreamtrip Holland!

Make your own flower mosaic workshop Verita's Visit typical Dutch activities with your -grand- children

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Make your heart b(l)oom and explore Holland by bike with Verita's Visit Holland.
Born on a bicycle and raised in Delft (NL) I love the Dutch countryside. With Verita's Visit Holland I organise bike tours & team events. I take you on and off the beaten track to meet tulip growers, cheese farmers and lords of castles. My specialisation: Keukenhof area, Cheese farm region and Delft countryside. Just send me an e-mail at veritasvisit(@) to get more info.

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