I Amsterdam letters where are you? If you are looking for the iconic letters on the Museumplein in the Dutch capital, you might not find them there. The sign that once stood for inclusion, now is symbol of individualism and mass tourism. Keep your eyes open though, the I Amsterdam letters will not travel too far.

I Amsterdam too selfie?

What happens when a marketing campaign becomes too successful? In 2004 the I Amsterdam slogan was introduced to attract tourists. And now, 2018, the set of letters are a magnet, in the top ten of things to see in the capital of the Netherlands. 8 million tourists visit Amsterdam every year and the number increases.  Per day about 6.000 selfies and pictures are taken with the attraction. For the Green Left party it’s enough. The I Amsterdam sign has overstayed its welcome. It does not represent inclusion, only individualism and overtourism.

I Amsterdam where are you ?

The discussion of removing the white-and-red letter set already started some years back. The original plan was to take away all the I Amsterdam signs. Yes, correct, like the Eifel tower there is more than 1 I Amsterdam selfie spot. The one at Museumplein, right behind the Rijksmuseum and near Van Gogh museum, is the best known. At Amsterdam airport Schiphol you can also find a set. Then there’s a smaller version, the travelling letters. These you can often find at events. During the Pride they were at the IJpromenade, in the colors of the rainbow. I Amsterdam where are you now?

 Till 12 December 2018 you can find the traveling I Amsterdam letters at Student Hotel in Amsterdam West.

From 13 December 2018 you can spot them at the Westergasterrein, Pacific Park side. And after that? You can ask the special city hosts who are at the Museumplein in the month of December. Or, check the last paragraph!

I Amsterdam Museumplein moves tourism to region

The gigantic letters, over 2 meters tall and 23.5 meters wide, which are now located at Museumplein will soon move to a different location. It’s interesting that the City of Amsterdam chose to move them now. The capital now wants to focus more on business. Tourists should explore more of Amsterdam area, which covers everything between the beach Zandvoort, the Zaanse Schans and castle Muiderslot. At the end it is not a very big area – let’s be honest, traveling through Holland is a piece of cheese cake –

City game Amsterdam letters

So, I Amsterdam, where are you? It feels a bit like a city game. Use augmented reality and you can still take the I Amsterdam selfie on Museumplein. Who finds the I Amsterdam sign first? Well,  most probably the huge icon can be spotted at a less touristy location around the Dutch capital in the near future. Keep your eyes open!

That the famous letters iconic to the Dutch capital move, is certain.  In which part of Amsterdam area would you like to find the I Amsterdam sign?

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