A Vermeer-like sky greets locals and visitors of Delft. A few cotton clouds float in an otherwise blue sky.  Still, weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable. What if it rains on the day of your bike tour Holland?


Cycling in the rain Netherlands
Bad weather, beautiful bike ride Netherlands

The Dutch weather is fine

In Dutch there’s a saying: Geen vuiltje aan de lucht. Literally this means there’s not a dirt spot in the sky. And there wasn’t. When I opened the curtains this morning it was just another summer day in the Netherlands. A bit of wind, but nothing the German group couldn’t handle. The leader of the pack, a friendly lady, had messaged me: “We’re members of a bowling club. Every other year we pick a city and do some activities there. Bike tours are often part of our weekend trip.”

The Dutch and their weather apps

I always check the weather forecast. Weather in the Netherlands can be unpredictable. It can be so unpredictable that the forecast changes every minute. Which is why the Dutch like their weather apps. Buienradar, Buienalarm, weeronline. Try them, they’re quite addictive! A couple of days before the tour I message my participants with the latest weather updates. In case the weather prediction is really bad I offer to reschedule the tour or give a –partly-  refund.

Cycling in the rain in the Netherlands

If a light drizzle is predicted or rain is altered with sun the cycling tour will happen. Cycling in the rain in the Netherlands is a whole experience and can actually be nice! I’ve even had two participants who insisted on doing the tulip cycling tour even though it was pouring. They had booked a tulip field bike tour and I have to say: it was amazing! There were hardly any people on the road and we could take great pictures of tulips covered in rain drops.

No such thing as bad weather

One time I did the Leiden bike tour I had warned my participants for rain showers. They came dressed in fantastic waterproof outfits and said: “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. We stopped in cafés and typical Dutch farms every time the rain became too much and actually enjoyed the sun everytime it found its way to the clouds.


Best season to cycle in Holland

What if it rains on the day of your bike tour in Holland? The German lady and I, we hadn’t talked about it. It hadn’t even crossed my mind. Summer weather in the Netherlands usually is ok. The wind plays a huge part in the other seasons and November is said to be the wettest month in Holland.  Dummer is quiet, weather is good. Most of the time the wind, rain, storm is on holiday in summer.  Unfortunately, there are exceptions. Like today.

Restaurant shelter from the rain

The wind got stronger in the afternoon. All the fluffy clouds gathered and turned into one massive rain cloud. It started to rain. First a light drizzle, then harder and harder. Our rain ponchos couldn’t keep us dry anymore. Which is why we stopped at my favorite restaurant. It was nice and warm inside. I ordered the lovely local snacks for the whole group. While we enjoyed some bites and drinks, I told the group the stories about the area I had wanted to tell enroute. We had lovely conversations until the rain stopped. Quickly we got back on our bicycles and head back to the city centre.

best restaurant shelter rain Netherlands
Waiting for the rain to stop in a restaurant


Being outdoors in the Dutch countryside

Despite the Dutch weather everyone was happy. “Thank you for this bike tour”, the group leader said, “we are glad to have seen something from the Dutch countryside. Else we would just have been in a café in the city centre, close to our hotel. Next time we contact you again!”

What if it rains on the day of your bike tour in Holland?

So, what if it rains on the day of your bike tour in Holland? Then we discuss the options. Reschedule? Cancel? Or just go through with it?  Just to let you know: wherever we go, there’s always a great place to stop for shelter, coffee or local beer 😉

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