The region of Utrecht is known for its castles and estates, located in the middle of nature. It is a great area to explore by bike when you’re on holiday in the Netherlands, but did you know Utrecht also offers plenty of options for business meetings in green surroundings & outdoor team events in the Netherlands?

How many cycles do you count?

Utrecht Venue Bike Ride on a Fabulous Fall Day

It’s  one of those fabulous fall days. One of those days rays of sunlight peek through the clouds to highlight the beauty of things. And there’s so much beauty in Utrecht region. Forest lanes filled with crispy fall foliage and six locations surrounded by nature to visit, each with a completely different look and feel. Great for cosy meetings, energetic conferences or active outdoor team events.  All reachable by car or public transport, but on this fabulous fall day Linda Veldhoven –Locatietour– & team took me & other event planners for a venue bike ride.

Event venues in the spotlight on a bike ride through Utrecht region

Woudschoten: Venue in the Forest

For a moment it’s just me and my bike on a winding road to a destination that can’t be seen. The silence, it feels strange. The trains that brought me here were crowded, reconstructions at the station made arrival at the city hectic and loud. And here, there’s this nothingness. Woudschoten is at the end of the winding road. I feel refreshed and full of energy when I reach the conference centre. The staff is friendly and helpful and the facilities are good. A nice venue for larger groups. It can host up to 350 people!

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Find you goal for outdoor team events in the Netherlands


Never Miss a Goal with these Outdoor Team Events in the Netherlands

Woudschoten has quite active neighbours. The sight of the KNVB Sport Campus football field gives me a thrill. They’ve set up a few examples of field activities and I can’t wait to get started. This is my chance to show off my non- existent football skills and follow the footsteps of one of the Lionesses. These examples of outdoor team events are a great way to connect with others. Whether you score a point or not, with these team building activities you never miss your goal.


Comfortable Meeting Place at Better Meetings

After a small crash course on event design in one of the light and spacious meeting rooms and an extensive, healthy lunch we hop on our bikes. Right, left, right, cross the street and there it is: Better Meetings. Hidden in the forest, it breathes home and is perfect for small group gathering. My favourite rooms are the roots room, with a cosy fire place and the dream room, with cloudshaped tables, which can be used as whiteboards. Just write your dreams and hopes on it. When we visit Better Meetings, a group is meeting in their dining room. I’m this close to grabbing a chair and just joining them, it looks so gezellig!

Dream Green at Estate Kraaybeekerhof

Our bike ride Utrecht area continues and leads to the next venue: Estate Kraaybeekerhof. Although the place is near station Driebergen-Zeist, it is hidden from view and surrounded by a small greenhouse and vegetable gardens. This is definitely my dreamspot! This is a great place to destress & work on team building. They serve biological lunch & dinner from their own garden (yummie).

Estate Sparrendaal: Your 18th century palace

The distance between Kraaybeekerhof and the next location is short. Estate Sparrendaal is your 18th century little palace, an exclusive location for business & private events. The lush surroundings and luxurious interior give me a queen-of-the-day feeling.

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Meeting the Sun Uphill at Estate Zonheuvel

What comes next is a real challenge. The cycle route takes us uphill and that means quite a good bike climb. We huff, we puff and finally reach our last location: Estate Zonheuvel. Inside it’s warm. Or did we just got warm from the great, but intense workout? Zonheuvel has quite a few surprises. Besides the main building which serves as hotel & conference venue with many different facilities, it also has lodges and a mansion. The lodges have a basic look & feel. It’s the combination with the surrounding forest and the option of team building activities in nature that makes them interesting. The mansion at the other end of the estate is the real surprise. It is so different from the main building and the lodges that it changes your whole mood. As I enter, I fall silent amazed by  the classic interior. Upstairs the daughter of the mansion’s owner welcomes us as we find a place on the long table where a fabulous high tea is served.

Side event nature location Utrecht area Verita's Visit
Lunch is packed. Are you ready to explore outdoor?

Utrecht: Venues in Green

The region of Utrecht is great to explore – by bike- when you’re on vacation with friends or family. You’ll find many treasures in the middle of nature. It also offers great options for meetings with colleagues, clients or partners. If you’re looking for a venue in green surroundings for multiple days or want to do a one day trip with one or more outdoor team events in the Netherlands, you should definitely take a look at Utrecht region.


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