Summer in Holland is fantastic. Long, colourful days with nice temperatures and a good amount of sunshine ( most of the time at least).   Whether you like music, food or flowers, t here’s always something to do. Most of the time you can even combine all of your interests, passions and hobbies by going to one place or even one festival.  Now, to make sure you won’t miss out on some typical Dutch activities during your Holland holiday I wanted to highlight some August events in the Netherlands that Verita’s Visit organises themed food & flowers.

Flower Parade July Holland verita's Visit guided excursie Varend Corso Den Haag Delft
Close up artistic creation Westland Flower Parade winner

Westland Flower Parade, 5 August

The Westland Floating Flower Parade is one of the best examples that Holland is more than tulips. The Westland, area between The Hague and Rotterdam is known for its production of flowers, fruit & vegetables. Every year this Dutch Flower Parade not only shows what’s on offer in the Westland, it also demonstrates the creativity of the people. Floats are fantastically decorated and actors, musicians create small theatre pieces to entertain the spectators enroute.  This August flower event take place in the weekend of 4-6 August 2017 and takes a different route each day.

On 5 August you can explore the Westland, taste local fruit & vegetables and see the Floating Flower Parade at the best spots with Verita’s Visit ‘s bike tour plus picnic

August events in the netherlands boating bootrace Augustus Verita's Visit

Making Gouda cheese & kayaking around Leiden

A week later, on Saturday 12 August I’ve planned a Gouda cheese making workshop at an authentic Dutch cheese farm in the countryside. This 2.5 hour activity is a great family outing. The cheese farmer will not only help us make a small fresh farmers cheese, but will also show us around the farm. After the Gouda cheese making workshop we make a relaxing self-guided kayak tour on the waters in the countryside.   Gouda cheese making workshop & selfguided kayak tour

cheese farm visit Gouda Leiden rondleiding uitje Verita's Visit familie

August Flowers in Holland: Heather

July in South France is synonym to purple fields of lavender. August in Holland is synonym to purple fields of heather. Beginning of August you can see small purple dots slowly appearing in different parts of the Netherlands . By Mid- August these purple dots are fully blooming and in large quantities create these amazing panoramas in the dunes, in the valleys, hidden between groups of trees. Every year the sight itself almost brings me to tears. I do not want to keep this to myself and do invite you to join the Bike Tour Heather Amsterdam Area on  Friday the 18th of August.

Heather fields & dahlias August Holland festival Verita's Visit heide fietstocht

Dutch Dahlia event

Tulips are spring flowers. The colourful tulip fields of Holland are known worldwide . But, did you know that Holland also grows other bulb flowers in the Keukenhof area? In the same Bulb Flower Region where they grow tulips, you see flowers popping their heads out of the ground in summer and autumn. Around the 25th of August the dahlia’s are blooming. And that’s not all! There’s also a great food festival happening at the seaside in the same area. So, let’s hop on a bike on Friday the 25th of August and make this one of the best August events in the Netherlands. Bike Tour Keukenhof area: Sea, Summer Flowers & Food