Scheveningen logo herring-veritasvisitMy first visit to Flag Day Scheveningen  was out of curiousity. I heard that the whole festival around herring, and more precisely the new herring. But, if it was all about the herring, why wasn’t  it called Herring Day or Herring Festival? I decided it was time to unravel the mystery and look for the story and history of Flag Day Scheveningen…

Best Viewpoint to Overlook the Herring Festival

Out of habit I choose the same spot every year to overlook the Flag Day – Vlaggetjesdag- festivities. Here, in front of the harbour I remember that first visit.  I was determined to find out everything there is to know about the herring festival and the Dutch traditions shown on the day. Program in hand I made my way straight to the first activity, then the next and so on.

Herring and His Story

When I came home I was exhausted. After such a fantastic visit to Flag Day I needed some time to unwind. I took a herring out of the fridge, sprinkled it with some onions and with the first bite  a thought came to mind:  There must be some great stories behind all the festival activities.  The next day I got some books, turned on my laptop and did a little research.

Where to Start Visit Flag Day Scheveningen

Now that I know the stories and history of Flag Day Scheveningen and its herring, I enjoy my visit more. The first time I came to this traditional Dutch festival has been years ago.  In 2021 it’s celebrated on Saturday 13 June and Flag Day Scheveningen has become one of my favourite events.  I’ve been here tons of times and can never decide where to go first. Tasting the new herring is tempting, but so is walking around the open air market with its traditional crafts, seeing the special water activities or going to fishers’ warehouse to enjoy some typical sailor songs. Hmmm, not an easy decision, but someone has to cut the knot.

Mystery of the fishers’wife

Right at the moment I’m about to cut the knot, a fishers’ wife with a basket full of tools walks by. Curious to find out where the woman dressed in Scheveningen costume is going to and what the tools are used for I decide to follow her…

I try to keep up with her, but she disappears in the crowd. In that same instant I can hear someone whistling a tune. I follow the sound and reach the fishers’ warehouse where a men’s choir sing sailor songs. But, again I’m distracted. At the end of the port I see people waving at a large ship decorated with flags. I am about to ask someone what is happening, when I see the beautiful Scheveningen woman in costume again. She’s sitting at a stand, where other women have joined her to work on their craftwork. Ok, I tell myself. First things first.

How will this story end? Find out in the Flag Day Scheveningen tour!


Travel Tips & Ideas

Flag Day Scheveningen tour 2021
  • Where is the best viewpoint to overlook Flag Day Scheveningen 2021
  • Where to start your visit to this typical Dutch event
  • How to get to the herring festival
  • Must sees & do’s on Flag Day

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You can also book a group activity called Lord of the Herrings. This typical Dutch team event is best on Flag Day, but can be adjusted & done on any other day. Use your knowledge and creativity to complete challenges and find out all facts and fiction about Vlaggetjesdag, it’s history & tradition. Celebrate the festivities with & like a local. More info





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