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Thanksgiving gift idea

Unique Thanksgiving gift idea 2019

This year Black Friday is going to be a very colorful day.  While many look for the latest 5,4, 3 Apple gadgets and end up buying socks you know there is just one Thanksgiving gift idea 2019 that will make you happy as well.


Like any public holiday Thanksgiving can be quite stressful. Although the celebration is all about spending time with loved ones, the preparation of what for many Americans is the most important dinner of the year can create tensions. Then there is also the part of finding the ultimate present for family members and friends . Ayayay. Spending hours on Amazon to find the beste pre- Black Friday deals and Thanksgiving sales.

Thanksgiving gift experience

There is a Thanksgiving gift idea 2019 that will make your wife or bestie happy ánd will give you that unique pre vacation feeling. Forget about wasting time on finding the perfect electronic device, jewelry, cookbook. The ideal Thanksgiving gift is an experience. Spend time together in another place, in another time.

Travel, take power flower selfies & enjoy Dutch tulips

When you like travelling, your kids are into taking pictures, your wife loves tulips and your best friends are Holland fans then this could be the ideal Thanksgiving gift idea 2019 for you.

Keukenhof flower park opens its doors again on 21 March 2020. Verita’s Visit 3 hour tulip bike tour starts here.

It includes:

  • bike rental
  • local, enthusiastic guide/ flower fan
  • 1 stop at flower related location
  • visit to tulip farm

Most tulips bloom Mid- April. Mid-March is the fest of hyacinths and daffodils. It is a real treat to find a tulip field then.

5 = 4 tulip tour deal

If you book a 3- hour tulip bike tour plus visit tulip farm for the period between 21 March – 1 April 2020 , the 5th person is for free!

You pay €60.00 p.p. for 4 people and the 5th person joins for free.

This year, celebrate Thanksgiving again in spring. Spend a colorful day in the most colorful area of the Netherlands.

This offer is valid till 29 November 2019. 

More info & booking on Bike tour tulip fields & bulb farm Keukenhof Holland

Use the code: ThanksgivingNL







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