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Leidens Ontzet treasure hunt

Unravel stories of betrayal, hunger, love and hate and come eye to eye with the real heroes of the Relief of Leiden.



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Gouda Cheese region treasure hunt

The Case of the Missing Gouda Cheese

In a cheese farm in Gouda region a special cheese is missing. Help us look for the missing Gouda cheese on this trail from Gouda cheese market to cheese farm. 


June, July & August 

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Keukenhof area treasure hunt

When 2 Lips Talk

Dig into the roots of the Bulb region, track down the murderer and find out what’s really cooking in the kitchen of the Keukenhof area 





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Scheveningen Vlaggetjesdag Treasure Hunt

Scheveningen Lord of the Herrings 

There’s more to Flag Day than herring. Come see for yourself! Set sail for Scheveningen Harbour, live a fisherman’s life, discover the treasures of the North Sea and become the Lord of the Herrings.



Start your treasure hunt Scheveningen Flag Day here



In the treasure hunts Holland you dive into the past. A trail leads past different locations throughout the city or region. At each location there’s a challenge which requires using your knowledge and creativity. You connect with locals & make new friends, work together as a team, taste the local food and compete with other teams and celebrate Holland. The treasure hunts Holland are an interactive way to re-discover Dutch cities & areas in South Holland.

When:The trails are organised around Dutch festivals and events.  You can hunt for Dutch treasures during the Keukenhof flower season,  Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen (Flag day), the Gouda cheese market season or Leidens Ontzet (Relief of Leiden). 
Who: With colleagues in a teambuilding event, with family or friends on a day out, bachelor or birthday party.
How: Treasure hunts can be done by foot, by bicycle  Note: transportation is not included, but can be arranged for an extra fee.
Costs: Starting from €37,50 p.p.

Wishes, needs & suggestions can always be discussed. Treasure hunts Holland on other dates are also an option.

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