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Dig into the roots of the Keukenhof region with the treasure hunt Keukenhof area. This trail takes you past some known and unknown highlights of the region known for its flower bulbs and tulip fields.  With your team of friends, family or colleagues you have a tête-a-tête with a daffodil* to find out who’s the murderer of the hyacinths. Knock on the door of a damsel in distress and discover  what happens When 2 Lips Talk. Winning or losing this treasure hunt could just depend on your scores in the tulip auction game.

* Sorry, had to add this little joke. For those who are unfamiliar with daffodils, Tête-a-tête is a type of daffodil and literally means head-to-head.


When: Any day. Best between Mid-March and Mid-May
Who: With colleagues in a teambuilding event, with family or friends on a day out, bachelor or birthday party.
How: by bike. Note: transportation is not included, but can be arranged for an extra fee.
Costs: All treasure hunts Keukenhof area start at €37,50 p.p. A minimum of 10 participants is required

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