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Visiting Keukenhof region is like seeing a typical Holland postcard come to life. The typical Dutch landscape breathes the past and shows Holland Heritage at its best: canals, windmills, tulips & picturesque villages.

The Holland Heritage edition of the Keukenhof area treasure hunt is an adventure in which you relive the past. Travel back in time and experience the life of the farmers and bulb growers when the winters were still cold. In order to find all the treasures of the region, you follow a trail through the bulb flower and tulip fields and pass multiple known and unknown highlights of the Keukenhof area. At each location a challenge awaits you. These challenges can only be completed with a good amount of creativity, knowledge and wit. Are you ready to find out what’s really cooking in the kitchen of the Keukenhof? Follow the #When2lipstalk  treasure trail.

When: Saturday April 2, 2016
Starting point: Somewhere in Sassenheim, Zuid Holland. Exact location given after registration.
How: Best is by bike, by solex or car is possible.Note bike or solex is not included, but can be arranged for an extra fee.

Time: From 10 AM till approx. 1 PM.

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