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The Flower Parade in the Keukenhof area is world famous and attracts thousands of visitors each year. Few get a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes of the Flower Parade Bulb region. You, the partipant of this edition of the treasure hunt Keukenhof area will be the lucky one to unravel the mysteries behind the Flower Parade.

The Flower Parade edition of the treasure hunt Keukenhof area is celebrated on a Thursday evening. You’ll enter the grounds  where the Flower Parade preparations take place & uncover secret information which increases the fun in the weekend, when the actual floats of decorated flowers pass through the streets of several cities near the Keukenhof and villages in the Bulb region.

When: Thursday April 21, 2016
Starting point: Somewhere in Sassenheim, Zuid Holland. Exact location given after registration.
How: Best is by bike, by car or solex is possible.Note bike or solex is not included, but can be arranged for an extra fee.
Time: From 4 PM till approx. 7 PM.

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