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Team activity The Hague during a conference

In the warmest fall month in centuries 1500 young people attended a huge conference in The Hague. They all came from several international companies. Months before I got an email. The event planner of one of these companies was looking for a team activity The Hague. She had set her mind on The Hague Peace Challenge.

Team effort for company event The Hague

It was the start of a beautiful cooperation. Lauren, event planner of the international company, was sure The Hague Peace Challenge was the best team activity The Hague for her young colleagues. She did everything she could to keep me updated on the conference’s program, supported me and motivated me. And, she gave me a daily challenge. Plans had to be adjusted and rescheduled. It took me a lot of energy and effort, but Lauren’s enthusiasm kept me going. We worked as a team and created an amazing team building event for young people from all around the world!

How to create your own City of Peace and Justice

The original Hague Peace Challenge is a city game in which you explore the city centre, International Zone and Peace Palace. As a team you answer questions on the work of different peace institutes. At special sights you do creative assignments. The more information you collect and the more creative you get, the higher the chance you beat the other teams. At the end you know exactly how the Hague became the City of Peace and Justice. Who and what is needed to create your own city of peace and justice.

Challenging questions for team activity The Hague
Challenging questions for team activity The Hague

Side event conference Holland

Well, that was the original version of this team activity The Hague. As a side event to this conference with jam-packed program, there were two main thoughts. First of all it should be a fun game to connect these international colleagues who had never seen each other before. Second, the teams should see the highlights of The Hague. 

Team activity The Hague: short and with impact

After months of preparation the Hague Peace Challenge was done. The result: a short, powerful company event including creative assignments, a journey with an impact at Humanity House and a tasty vegetarian lunch by Muawi.

Special thanks

I especially enjoyed the creativity of the participants. Their interpretation of the creative assignments led to very different results. Just amazing! The participants were touched by Muawi’s story,  loved the lunch and were impressed by the Humanity House journey. If the group had had more time, I would have giving them the opportunity to see and share more. Overall, it was a fantastic experience. I loved working together with Lauren and couldn’t have done it without  my partner in crime Sagnik, my designer Alice and Ellen, Dorinda and Nike of Humanity House. Thank you, beautiful people!

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