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Take a guide and travel through the Netherlands

♪ ♫ When I was just a little girl I asked my mother: what can I read? Can I read travel guides, can I read journals? This is where she brought me…♪ ♫


Dutch nature and its mysteries
Dutch nature and its mysteries

A Book, Another World

Reading books makes you discover new worlds. Whenever I was ready for a new adventure, my mother would take me to the library to choose books. It might seem strange, but right from the very beginning I always picked books in which the main character would go on an adventure. Take the train to an unknown destination in the world, find treasures in small cities or villages, cycle to a mysterious place in the Dutch nature, those kind of things.

The path I Took

In university I did a major in Western Literature (Spanish). A teacher gave us this assignment to write a book review about Luis Borges’ The Forking Path. She liked the review I handed in and encouraged me to keep on writing and further improve the reviews. So, that’s what I did.

Typical Dutch Travels

Now, a couple of years later, I still write book reviews. I devour everything I can lay my hands on, but at this moment I’m especially interested in the travel books or the non-fiction about traditions, costums and culture in Holland. All these travel guides, reference books, historical fiction and biographies, they make me want to travel. I’ve  written a post about the small trip I made in search of a lady and a very special version of a Dutch bike. It’s an idea I got from the (Dutch) book: Typisch Nederland: Tradities & trends in Nederland.  

Hidden Treasures in The Hague
Hidden Treasures in The Hague

THe Hague: Legendary City

Then there was the time I got a review copy of The Hague Highlights. I’m a huge fan of going off the beaten track and to visit places where no soul comes ( and which are a bit too spooky for me at times). This travel guide is full of legends and stories about curious places and mysterious people that lived there. So, I took my camera and was off to explore and re-discover things in my own city. You can find the results in this blogpost and this one. Indeed, I wrote two! There was just so much to tell!

Explore Your own Country

Beautiful Holland  immediately catches your attention. The photos used in this book about the best sites in the Netherlands are just breath-taking and well, also make you want to visit those places for yourself. Sometimes I get the feeling people expect you to know every place in the Netherlands, just because you were born and raised in the so called ‘little frog land’. Now, after reading so many books about the Netherlands and meeting many different locals with different professions in every corner of the country, I do have to say I know quite a bit about the Low Lands. But, there’s still a lot to see and do. For instance,  Beautiful Holland mentions the luminescent path between Eindhoven and Nuenen close to where Van Gogh used to live. When it’s dark, the path reminds of Van Gogh’s painting Starry Night. The work of art is made by Daan Roosegaarde, a Dutch artists who creates many projects with colours & light.  I still haven’t seen it myself. I’m planning to go, but I still have a bucket list of places I want to visit. I’ll share this video of a young couple admiring the bicycle path from their bike. Great piece of marketing, by the way. Through the special Layar app, you can also see this video while scanning the page in the book.

-Update november 2018 : I’ ve seen Roosegaarde’s cycling path while visiting the Philips Eindhoven Light Festival. –

Let Me BE Your travel guide the Netherlands

These are just a couple of travel guides and reference books that inspired my wanderlust.  if you’re looking for more tips on (travel) literature I would suggest you just keep following me on my travels in Holland through social media, the blog or Verita’s Visit’s newsletter Of course you’re also more than welcome to join me on my adventures in a bike ride. Just Contact me for more information on my bike tours and team events in the Netherlands and come along!



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