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Verita’s Visit Tours, activities and events in the Netherlands organised around the typical Dutch theme:  water. This includes: beach, coast, lakes, canals. Central is the water management, dikes, polders and is often combined with windmill.


Leiden area water windmill and food

countryside corporate bike tour pre-meeting activity Leiden Verita's Visit Holland

 Bike tours Leiden area water windmill and food

It doen’t matter in which direction you cycle, the surroundings of Leiden are magical.  Explore Leiden nature area by bike in a 2.5 hour,  half day or full day guided bike tour.  We start in the city centre and are in the countryside within no time. Follow the waterways towards the lakes and windmills, head for the North sea coastline and the flower fields or go in the other direction for Holland cheese farms and windmills or cosy restaurants in the middle of apple orchards and countryside. 

Bike tour Leiden lake & windmill : A 2.5 hour cycling tour to the polders, river, lakes and castles. You can add extras, such as a high tea or a guided tour at the windmill.

Bike tour Leiden cheese farm & local food  A full day tour by bike to the dairy and cheese farms of Leiden. Taste the difference between Leiden and Gouda cheese, have a glass of fresh local juice and meet the farmer/ miller/ fruit grower

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City challenges & workshops

With its many famous citizens – Rembrandt, Einstein, Pilgrim Fathers-, its very own local festival – Leidens Ontzet-   and its cosy city centre Leiden is thé place to dive into arts, science and history in a city challenge or creative workshop. Follow Rembrandt and go windmill (s)hopping, become the hero of the Relief of Leiden local festival in a team challenge or go beyond the city’s borders and explore the Pilgrim Fathers’ Leiden area water windmill and food with a boating teambuilding event.


Team event Leiden

3 Creative outings in Leiden conference city


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Day in the country with friends & family 

Leiden area water windmill and food is centrally located.  Amsterdam, The Hague, Gouda are all around the corner. Leiden itself has great museums and attractions for the whole family. And if you want to spend time in the country, you’re there within 15 minutes by bike or boat. It’s in Leiden’s nature where you experience the authentic Dutch way of life. There is no better place to connect with a local miller, make your own fresh Dutch cheese and taste the best regional products. Did you know the tulip fields and Keukenhof are Leiden’s backyard?

Explore Leiden and beyond in a typical Dutch, typical Leiden family activity


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Leiden area water windmill food

Leiden water & cheese farms

Come to Leiden area water windmill and food for the good Dutch life.  Leiden is really thé place for all things Dutch.  Many local festivals take place in or around the water. After Amsterdam Leiden has the largest amount of waterways, bridges and moats.  Rent a boat or make a canal cruise in any direction and you’ll soon discover Leiden surroundings is also full of windmills. Ánd, what few people know: Leiden cheese farms. 

The Golden Age of beer & windmills

Leiden’s famous Dutch painter was Rembrandt. He lived near the Leiden Rhine river, hence his last name. His family owned two windmills which where used for grinding malt. As one of the largest supplier of malt for the beer brewing industry Rembrandt and his father probably have enjoyed a good amount of Leiden local beers. Back in the 17th century it was a Golden Age for beer production. And nowadays you can still enjoy a freshly brewn local beer on one of the many canal terraces. Or a Leiden gin, the other local drink the city produces. Great to have with a typical Dutch herring, a Dutch pancake or a stamppot (potato dish)

Feel at home in Leiden area water windmill and food

Go for a stroll on the cosy weekly market, enter a restaurant, visit a farm or join a local celebration. You’ll immediately feel at home in Leiden area water windmill and food. It is easy to connect with Leiden locals. Proud of their city, they are friendly people who love to give tips on what to see & do in the city and its surroundings. 

Leiden is a welcoming city. After wars and years of oppression in the 16th century it was soon nicknamed City of Refugees. It has welcomed refugees and visitors ever since. The Pilgrim Fathers made Leiden their home before they sailed off to America. Americans and their presidents often visit the city in search of their Leiden roots. American visitors can join the November Thanksgiving ceremony held in the Pieterskerk. The church where the Pilgrims recorded birth, marriage and death. 

Einstein & the tulip garden

Scientists from all over the world have visited Leiden. Einstein often got an invitation from university professor Paul Ehrenfest. Many talented students and professors were enrolled in the university. The tulip, for instance, would not have become a typical Dutch icon if it were not for Clusius. He received a tulip bulb as a gift from a foreign friend.  It was the start of tulip cultivation in the Netherlands. 

Today, tulip fields in spring and dahlia fields in summer are a bike ride away from Leiden. The famous tulip garden Keukenhof is actually closer to Leiden than to Amsterdam, 

Gouda cheese making & stroopwafel baking Verita's Visit Holland

Gouda area local food, windmills and water

Stroopwafel & cheese food tour Gouda

Verita’s Visit Gouda food tour is a magical journey through Gouda’s smallest streets.  Smell the scent of cinnamon and caramel as you bake your own fresh stroopwafel in one of the oldest workshops in Gouda. Feel the salt on your tongue as the owner of the cosiest cheese shop makes you taste his newest arrival: an old Gouda.

Experience Gouda food tour: cheese & stroopwafels


Typical Dutch group activities & teambuilding

Hen party, wedding anniversary, celebration of your 75th birthday, teambuilding event Verita’s Visit Holland loves to make your Gouda visit special. Get to know the city and its surroundings by connecting with locals. Verita’s Visit organises fun games and workshops in which you get to know the city’s highlights, the Dutch culture and the typical Gouda products in a different way than with a guide on a city walk. Customised group activities & personalised team building. From me, to you. 

Team building event in Gouda area

Company outing Gouda Old Dutch & diversity

Bike tour Gouda area local food, windmills & water

A bike tour for everyone. An easy ride from city into countryside in which we see all typical Dutch scenes. We cycle along the river, see polders and dikes and make a stop at one or 2 cheese farms. On request you can add a cheese making workshop, lunch, guided tour at a cheese farm

Cycle Tour Gouda Cheese Farm & Cheese Market

Cycle tour Woerden city & Gouda cheese

Golden products of Gouda 

Say Gouda, say cheese.  The city of Gouda brings a smile on your face. Wheels of golden cheeses welcome you as you enter the city, the scent of freshly baked golden stroopwafels lead you into the historical centre with its maze of cosy streets around the church with amazing stained glass windows. Wandering through Gouda city you see a hint of this golden gem in Holland. Cross the city’s borders and you find the gold in Gouda area local food, windmills and water.

The Cheese Valley in the Green Heart of Holland

Located in the Green Heart of Holland and in the middle of the Cheese Valley, Gouda can be easily reached by public transport from Amsterdam, The Hague or Rotterdam. It’s a great destination for foodies and culture lovers. The many local festivals such as Stroopwafel Day, Gouda by Candlelight and the Erasmus Festival add an extra dimension to your visit to the Golden city of cheese, stroopwafels ( the typical Dutch caramel cookies) and other Dutch gold.

The Dutch golden city

Gouda is named after the river Gouwe. A long long time ago Gouda locals saw gold in the water. It was the peat glistering in the sun. You could say this peat river Gouwe brought the gold into Gouda’s city centre. Transport of golden cheese and raw materials such as grain and clay went by water. Workshops and factories in the city centre made stroopwafels out of the grain and pipes and Gouda pottery out of clay.

Gouda stroopwafel workshops & ceramic factories

Nowadays most of the stroopwafel workshops and ceramic factories have moved outside of Gouda’s historical centre. Fortunately they’re just a bike ride away in Gouda area local food, windmills and water. Follow the river and live the Dutch water management system. Ride on a dike, see the polders on both sides, feel how the water gives and takes, hear how windmills and pumping stations manage the water level. Near the water you’ll find the earthenware factory and cheese farms.

Experience the Gouda cheese making

To truly experience the story of Gouda cheese start at the Gouda cheese market (April – August) in the historical city centre and then follow the river into the Gouda countryside. You will see the cows eating green green grass. It is this grass, full of herbs, which gives flavor to the Gouda cheese. The cheese is made in a cheese farm. The cheese making is one of the most fascinating things. One of my favorite cheese makers was spot on when she said:

“It’s amazing to see how it just takes a couple of hours for milk to turn into cheese”

Get social with a local in Gouda area local food, windmills and water

The best way to enjoy the local food is by getting social with a local. So visit a cheese farm, do a stroopwafel workshop, enter a local shop and taste the fresh, homemade products in Gouda area local food, windmills and water – an environment that breathes history.


Gouda area local food, windmills & water  group activities take place all year through.

Contact me for a custom- made program at veritasvisit (@) gmail .com or via the contact form and check all other options in  Delft, Leiden, The Hague or Keukenhof area.


The Hague area water, windmill and local food

Organise Hague event group cycle tour Peace Palace Verita's Visit

The Hague palace, sea and food bike tours

Out-of-the-ordinary cycle tours that take you through The Hague and beyond.  Explore The Hague area by bike in a 2.5 hour,  half day or full day guided bike tour. Focus is on the countryside, the North sea coastline and other nature areas

The Hague sea & city centre by bike: A half day cycle tour in which you get to know the highlights of Hague and cycle along the coastline.

Bike tour Hague windmill and palace A full day cycle tour through The Hague countryside, along the beach and through the dunes. With stop at castle and windmill. 


Challenge The Hague

Two creative and interactive The Hague challenges with a local theme.  Get to know your team members, interact with locals and be creative with history and local sights.

The Hague Peace Challenge: find out all there is to know  about the city of Peace & Justice. Best booked around International Peace Day, 21 September. Other dates possible on request

 The Hague fishers village challenge: Dive into the world of the Scheveningen fishermen and -woman and celebrate local traditions of the North sea, local heritage. Best booked on the 3rd Saturday of June or 3rd Saturday of August. Other dates possible on request. 

Minimum 10 participants.


Rain doesnt stop us tour Delft area group sport club

Beyond The Hague: greenhouses and cheese farms

The Hague borders the Westland greenhouse area. The historical city is also  a great base to discover the historical cities of Delft and Leiden. Here are some options for group tours & team activities in the Hague area water, windmill and local food.

Bike tour Delft & surroundings: Vermeer got married in Delft countryside. Follow the canal through cosy villages and you’ll discover a world between cheese farms and greenhouses. On request we can start this bike tour in The Hague

Impression of Delft Vermeer Challenge: In this city team building game you dive right into the Golden Age. You see, eat and experience Delft the way Vermeer did.  Minimum 10 participants.

Cycle Tour Greenhouse Holland : Gaze at the many glassed greenhouses in this half day bike tour. Add a visit to a greenhouse or a cooking workshop for a full horticultural experience


Church and Mill The Hague


Welcome to the city where every day is King’s Day. Dive into the many local festivals at the City by the Sea, sample great local delicacies of The Hague, the nearby greenhouses and cheese farms and gaze at royal palaces and typical Dutch icons. Go celebrate The Hague area water, windmills and local food.

Green City by the Sea

The Hague is dubbed as green City by the Sea. There is a direct cycling route from the historical city centre to beach resort Scheveningen. The bike ride to the North Sea takes about 20 minutes. The Hague has a dazzling 11 kilometres of beach. At The Hague beach you can join different water sport workshops: from sailing lessons with your team to family surf classes.

Greenhouses near The Hague

From Scheveningen follow the coastline south and you’ll get into the Westland. This area is also called the Glass City: the centre of greenhouse horticulture.  It has over 2.000 hectares of glassed houses and the biggest expertise in horticulture in the Netherlands. For centuries locals grow fruit and vegetables here. The greenhouse area becomes one big open air market in spring and summer. Growers place stalls full of fresh fruit and vegetables outside their greenhouses. In winter and autumn the flower auction and the many flower farms offer a warm place for new discoveries. 

Royal estates The Hague region

Follow the shore in the other direction – north- and you’ll spot the residence of the Dutch King and his family. Thanks to the strong link with the royal family you can find many palaces, castles and estates in this part of The Hague area. Many of the castles date from the Golden Age, are in the middle of the countryside and connected by parks, forest and dunes. Cycling paths run through these nature areas, making it an relaxing way to get used to cycling in the Netherlands and explore The Hague area by bike.

The beating heart of the City of Peace and Justice

In the 13th century a count fell in love with The Hague area and its surrounding forest. He built a beautiful castle which now is the Knight’s Hall and part of the Houses of Parliament. It’s the main scene for the opening of the Budget Year: Prince’s Day.

The political heart of the Netherlands has expanded. Ministeries and embassies are all around. Follow the embassies and they will lead to the Peace Palace: symbol of The Hague as the international City of Peace and Justice.

The Hague windmills

When the count arrived in The Hague area in the Middle Ages it was all woods, sand and marshland. Like in many other parts in the Netherlands, The Hague locals used windmills to drain the water from the land. Land that would become the Dutch polder. In the Golden Age there were 10 windmills in The Hague. Not all of them used as polder windmill. Some were used for the industry, like the industrial mills you see in Zaanse Schans. Many of the saw mills, flour mills and polder mills have been destroyed, only few survived. A visit to one of the surviving windmills is like a journey back in time. A fabulous experience!

The Golden Age in The Hague region

The historical city and surroundings have something to offer in every season! The Hague makes a great base for daytrips to Delft, Leiden and Amsterdam. The Dutch city centres are compact and full of monuments and museums. In 2019 it’s the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt’s death. Many cities organise activities around the Dutch painter and the Golden Age. Mauritshuis in The Hague has a beautiful exposition of Rembrandt and you should definitely visit Leiden, the city where he was born and Amsterdam, city where he worked.

Work and life of his contemporaries can also be experienced. Like in the 17th century, take the boat to get from The Hague to Vermeer’s city for a real View on Delft. Join a Delft blue painting workshop in an authentic Delftware factory and find out what happened to Carel Fabritius, painter of the Goldfinch.


Taste The Hague food

Stroopwafels and bitterballen are typical Dutch food. Typical Hague food is herring. Every year in June the beach town Scheveningen, district of The Hague, celebrates the first catch of the new herring. A local festival full of Hague/ Dutch tradition and fantastic food. Herring is not the only typical local Hague food. There is a great choice for sweet tooth as well as those in for a savory bite. Made with local love and/ or local products. Wander through the cosy streets of The Hague and you’ll find these delicacies for sure. Looking for fresh farmers cheese? Head towards Delft or Leiden!


The Hague area Water, windmill and local food tours

Verita’s Visit bike group activities & team events in the Hague area are creative and interactive:

  • find fantastic local places to have a drink or a bite
  • challenge yourself during a traditional festival at City of Peace, City by the Sea 
  • meet the local miller or cheese farmer
  • Tour the  greenhouse horticulture
  • Feel like a king and stay in a castle
  • Experience the Golden Age and paint Delft blue
  • Taste regional and local delicacies

The Hague area water, windmill and local food group activities take place all year through.

Contact me for a custom- made program at veritasvisit (@) gmail .com or via the contact form and check all other options in  Delft, Leiden, Gouda or Keukenhof area.











Keukenhof flower field bike tour 2020 -March 29

Keukenhof area flowers and sea

Tulip field bike tours

Spring, between mid-March to mid-May, the Keukenhof area north of Leiden and south of Amsterdam becomes one huge colorful carpet of tulips and other spring flowers. In the tulip field bike tours you not only cycle through these fields, you also meet a bulb grower, spot a windmill, see a few castles, feel the sea breeze, pass peaceful villages and get to know the local cafés. 

More info

Windmill dunes beach gladiolus Keukenhof area summer tour Verita's Visit

Beach & dahlia bike tour

Summer and early autumn, between mid-July to October, are the ideal seasons to experience the Dutch beachlife and enjoy the summer flower fields in the Keukenhof area. In the Holland beach & summer flower bike tour we cycle through the Dutch countryside in search of these gladiolus, lily or dahlia fields. There is even a moment to pick them ourselves! Enroute we stop by a unique tea garden or have a drink at beach resort Noordwijk. We might even spot a windmill on our way.

More info

Team challenge tulips & all

The area around Keukenhof – kitchen garden – is full of hidden gems and surprises.   If you ever asked yourself how you can create a tulip, what a bulb grower does when the tulips don’t bloom and if you can eat spring flowers,  this team challenge is for you. Minimum 10 participants. Company event, family outing or game for friends. Can be booked all year through,  best in spring. 


More info




Keukenhof area windmill water tulips

Flower fields and water

The first thing you think about when you hear Keukenhof area are tulips. Tulip and other spring flower fields. When you explore this Dutch region by bike you’ll soon discover the 18 km long coastline in the west and the huge lake area in the east. Follow the main canal south, pass by windmills and dairy farms and you’ll reach the lovely city of Leiden. Take a route north past estates, castles and countryside and you’ll end up in the historical city of Haarlem and eventually Amsterdam

Keukenhof area: more than tulips

The Keukenhof area is better known as Bollenstreek in Dutch. In the bulb flower region – bulb = bol, region = streek)  bulb growers grow tulips, hyacinths and other spring flowers. In summer or early autumn  you’ll be amazed by the summer flower fields. Dahlia, gladiolus and even lilies make your heart go b(l)oom.

The surprises of the Bulb Flower Region

Verita’s Visit bike tours and team events in the Keukenhof area are full of surprises.

  • You meet the local flower growers and the millers
  • Pick your own fruit or flowers in one of the many gardens
  • have a high tea at a castle
  • find fantastic farms to have a drink or a bite
  • celebrate a local festival in one of the villages
  • create your own tulip

The Keukenhof area flower and sea bike tours and group activities mainly take place in spring, summer and early autumn.

Looking for an activity in autumn or winter. Contact me for a custom- made program at veritasvisit (@) gmail .com or check the options in The Hague, Delft or Gouda.



Dutch countryside dahlia cycle tour Verita's Visit

Holland beach and summer flower bike tour

Beach and summer flower bike with guide Verita's Visit

Holland beach and summer flower bike tour


What Half day beach and summer flower bike tour
4 hours
Distance: 15-25 km (9- 15 miles)
Costs:   €55.00 p.p. (group of 6-10 people)
Starting Point: Noordwijk beach resort
Starting time: 9:45AM
When: Mid- July till October
Included: regular bike rental, local English- Spanish-, Dutch speaking guide

Pannier bags, helmets, e-bike/ tandem can be arranged for an extra fee

Dates for individual registration:

July 27, August 17, September 14.

Excluded: food & drinks at the stops.

Noordwijk beach resort, the town with its cosy centre and beautiful white lighthouse is the starting point of this half day beach and summer flower bike trip. The summer flowers in the Keukenhof area are not as huge as the tulip fields in spring, but the gladiolus, montbretia, lilies and dahlia field do make awesome views as well. Before we get to the fields, we first cycle a bit along the coast, through the dunes. We have a drink overlooking the lake, or head straight to the windmill. Following the canal we look out on the typical Dutch polders until we reach another stop. Will we be picking dahlias and other summer flowers  at a unique tea garden or fresh fruit in the orchard? The Holland beach and summer flower bike tour is adaptable to your wishes. Let me know on forehand what you like to see and do.


Optional activities with extra costs:

  • Transport to and from starting point
  • Meet and greet with flower grower

After you’ve filled in the form below:

  • You’ll receive an email with answer to your questions. It will also state date & timing of your bike tour and will have a request for payment.
  • After I’ve received your payment, you’ll receive more information on where we meet and how to get there.
  • On the day of the tour, be on time. Me & the other participants will not wait for you. 


  • Verita’s Visit ‘s Holland city and Dutch countryside tours are done in small groups of minimum 6 and maximum 10 participants, to keep it personal and to be able to adapt the tour or event to your needs and wishes.
  • The content of this Holland beach and summer flower bike tour is subject to change. Tours can be rescheduled or in case there are not enough participants, cancelled. You will always get an update at least 7 days before.
  • Tours are cancelled in case of storm, heavy rain or heavy wind. In any other type of weather the bike tour will happen. I’ll give you an update 3 days before. 
  • Wear comfortable clothing, multiple layers