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How to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen 2018

Great that you’re coming to the International Fireworks Festival Scheveningen. To get to Scheveningen is quite easy, but I would recommend you to prepare your trip as this popular festival expects tens of thousands of visitors. Here are some tips on how to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen.

Best way to get to the Firework festival Scheveningen is by bike
Best way to get to the Firework festival Scheveningen is by bike

Cycling to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen

Of course, as a bike fan I would suggest to come by bike. Your journey to the Scheveningen beach won’t be any longer than usual, you don’t depend on bus or tram schedules and you can easily leave the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen. Finding a parking spot for your bike can be difficult though, so even when you come by bike, come a bit earlier. If you’re looking for a bike parking check biesieklette.   If you’re not from The Hague you can also rent a bike at Biesieklette. These are the rental locations:

  • Grote Markt (Laan 9)
  • Driehoekjes (Grote Halstraat 9)
  • Spuiplein (onder het stadhuis)
  • Anna van Buerenstraat (achter het Centraal Station)
  • Zeeman Grote Markstraat
  • Rabbijn Maarsenplein
  • Du Nord Keizerstraatpark & bike in Fireworks Festival Scheveningen



Park & Bike

Coming by car is a real hassle and I definitely wouldn’t recommend it. If you do want to come by car, check https://bksparking.nl/ for available parking spot in the area of the International Fireworks Festival.  If you really want to take the car to Scheveningen beach I suggest to use this website . This is a special Park & Ride system as you book a parking spot in advance ánd can add public transport,  taxi service or a rental bike . Do make sure that you reserve a bike at least one  day in advance as this is quite a popular service.

Want to use public transport to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen?
Want to use public transport to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen?

Fireworks Festival Scheveningen: just a tramride away

The last option to get to the Fireworks Festival Scheveningen is to come by tram. At the servicedesks in The Hague Centraal Station and Hollands Spoor they sell €4.00 event tickets which is valid for both ways. You can take tram 1 and 11 from and to railway station The Hague Hollands Spoor or tram 9 from The Hague Centraal railway station. Bus 21, 22 and 23 have several stops in The Hague city centre.  Check for more information ( in Dutch) HTM or 9292.nl

General information on how to get to beach resort Scheveningen can be found on this website.  The  fireworks festival Scheveningen takes place on 10,11, 17 & 18 August 2018. More information on the festival itself can be found here

fireworks vuurwerk festival scheveningen

Top reasons to visit Delft on 16 & 17 July 2016

Old sneakers, torn shorts and loose hanging t-shirt on, I am ready for Westerpop! Dancing on groovy tunes with a beer in my hand and my ankles deep into the mud enjoying sun and great company. Is there anything better in life than this? Wait, wasn’t this post supposed to be about the top reasons to visit Delft in the weekend of 16 and 17 July 2016? Indeed, but hang on…we’ll get there.

End the Day with Delft Music Festival

Nostalgy. Westerpop is part of my memories as a high school student. Of long summer holidays looking for adventures, of exploring boundaries with friends. Those days are long gone. But when I visit Westerpop I revive those carefree days.

Westerpop is great to end a long day full of culture and history. Because, that’s what Delft is all about. The city of around 100.000 inhabitants is great to explore by foot. And, in the weekend of 16 and 17 July there is a lot happening in the city centre.

Credit: Rob Scherpenisse
Credit: Rob Scherpenisse

More than Delft Blue Pottery

First of all there’s the Delft Ceramics Days, a two day festival dedicated to all kind of ceramics. Now, I know what you’re thinking of: the Delftware or Delft Blue pottery. Royal Delft, in Dutch known as the Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, the only remaining earthenware factory of Delft is of course also present in this festival.  They organise special activities on Saturday 16 July as well as Sunday 17 July.

It is not the Delftware that is in the centre of the Delft Ceramics Days though. On the historical market, right between the city hall and the New Church the Delft Ceramica, the international ceramics market is held. And that is going to be quite spectacular. More than 60 artists from all around the world will be giving demonstrations, reveal secret techniques and make you fall in love with their creations. Better not take too much money, ‘cause you’ll spend it right away 😉

If you want to get an ultimate ceramics experience, there are also city walks and boat tours being organised. Check the program and all the details on http://www.delftceramica.nl/

Credit: Rob Scherpenisse
Credit: Rob Scherpenisse

Capture Vermeer Painting

Are you a true art pasionista or Vermeer lover and haven’t visited the painting The Little Street  by the Delft painter in its hometown yet? Well, I would take this chance and visit it before Sunday 17 July, because after this weekend it’s going back to Amsterdam. And that means you’ll have to visit the painting in the capital of the Netherlands and then travel a 45 minutes by train to see the live version of the street in Delft. So, if I were you I would really take this opportunity. Besides, museum Prinsenhof, where you can now see this work of art, has dedicated a full exhibition about it. It even has a small escape box and a life-size copy of The Little Street  where you can take a selfie.

Vermeer for one day

Want to become Vermeer for one day and walk the same streets he did, see things from his perspective, capture the light from his house, recreate his work? Join the Delft Vermeer Challenge on Saturday 16 July. http://veritasvisit.nl/events/delft-vermeer-challenge-16-july/

Vermeer en schilderij komt tot leven
Credit: Barbara van Gelder/ Something Extra


How a small café by the harbour became the core of the Vlaggetjesdag Challenge

It wasn’t supposed to get all the attention, but somehow it did. A small café by the harbour became the core of the Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen Challenge. This is how it happened.

Flags Flag Day Scheveningen-veritasvisit

Celebration of the Dutch New Herring

The new herring catch of the season calls for a typical Dutch celebration. A typical Dutch celebration calls for a challenge by Verita’s Visit. So there we were, me and a bunch of international minded people, at the harbour of Scheveningen with just one mission: find out what Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen was all about and if it was more than Dutch new herring.

King William and Madonna at Vlaggetjesdag

The participants had no idea what to expect, there were question marks all over their faces when we met at the Scheveningen library. As there was some drizzle outside that was expected to turn into heavy rainfall, we headed inside for a short introduction. The given information could be used during the challenge.  King William, Madonna, the painter Mesdag and of course the Dutch herring, also known as Hollandse Nieuwe  all dropped by in this introduction.


the go with the flow festival challenge

Exactly at the moment the rain stopped, the participants, now divided in teams, were off to the first location in the Scheveningen harbour where they had to answer a question and complete a creative challenge. Now, finding your way in a local festival is quite a challenge by itself, so at first all teams were a bit lost.  By the time they had done two or three challenges they got the hang of it. They somehow realized the best thing to do was to just go with the flow, dive into the festivities and have fun.

Enjoy the local atmosphere and get social with a local

The best thing on local festivals like Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen is the atmosphere, everyone is relaxed and it’s easy to make contact with locals or visitors.  Just like in the Leidens Ontzet Treasure Hunt  the participants of the Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen Challenge had to step out of their comfort zone and get social with a local.

Sharing Experiences during Herring & Corenwijn tasting

At the end of the Scheveningen Vlaggetjesdag challenge we all gathered at Restaurant de Dagvisser. In this small café by the harbour we tasted 4 exquisite herring dishes with 4 types of Corenwijn. All teams shared their experiences there. When I asked them why they all had chosen the song ‘Het kleine café aan de haven’ for one of the challenges they all responded in unison: “Because it was the shortest!”

Tasting Dutch Herring & Corenwijn
Tasting Dutch Herring & Corenwijn in a small café in the harbour ( actually a restaurant 😉 )

Small cafe by the harbour of Scheveningen

Athough they were all enjoyed, it was not the Hollandse Nieuwe,  the fishers’ boats, the stands demonstrating the local crafts or the men and women in traditional clothing, it was a small café by the harbour that became the core of the Vlaggetjesdag Challenge edition 2016.

Female net repairer Scheveningen-veritasvisit

From Buisjesdag to Vlaggetjesdag: Herring festivals in Holland

When it comes to herring festivals in Holland Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen, in English known as Flag Day, is the first one that comes to mind. On Facebook I posed the facts & fiction question:

Vlaggetjesdag is only celebrated in the sea side resort Scheveningen

In the last fact & fiction you could read that the Vlaggetjesdag was held on Pentecost, preferably the Monday. Most probably our national herring day dates back  many centuries, but  it was mentioned for the first time in 1787 in a local newspaper referring to Buisjesdag in Vlaardingen.

Buisjesdag  in Vlaardingen was the precursor of Vlaggetjesdag.  A buis was the type of ship used for fishing in the 18th century. Fishers’wives & their children would pray in the Grote Kerk Vlaardingen for a safe return of the men & a good herring catch. Afterwards women and children stood on the shore waving their husbands and fathers goodbye while the the buizen  sailed off.

In the early days, Vlaardingen was the centre of the herring fishing and the start of many of the traditions you can now still see on Vlaggetjesdag. I will explain why Vlaardingen was thé port for herring in the Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen Trivia Tour.

The name of Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen first appeared in the media in 1947. But, it was just one of the many herring festivals in Holland. Other ports at the North Sea coastline such as IJmuiden and Katwijk had their own Flag days.  Vlaggetjesdag took over the concept of Buisjesdag, but was celebrated on a different day. Plus, although many traditions have  its intention changed.

Nowadays, many herring festivals in Holland have changed their focus. IJmuiden celebrates the fishing industry with the Havenfestival  and the fishers’town of Urk, Flevoland organises the Visserijdagen


The Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen Trivia Tour is an interactive way to get connected with locals, meet new people, experience a typical Dutch celebration, hear the  facts about Scheveningen port & its history, taste herring ( or any oher Scheveningen speciality), see  the port in a different way ( which will never be the same after this tour 😉 ). Want to join us? Read more and sign up here  Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen Trivia Tour