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Beautiful Holland, a Souvenir

Weather in the Netherlands is unpredictable, even in spring and summer, the best travel seasons. Imagine having friends or family over. They are here for a long weekend, a week and you have scheduled a different activity for each day. It’s quite a tight schedule, because there  is a lot to see and show in the Netherlands. Difficult to change the planning. And there you are in the midst of the tulip fields and it’s raining cats and dogs. And, the day you are visiting the Houses of parliament in The Hague, there is a construction going on right in front of that famous 13th century hall… No way you’re going to get that picture perfect.

But there is a book. A book called Beautiful Holland. It’s the perfect souvenir. Great quality images and nice information on what to see and do in the Netherlands. The lively pictures bring you in a holiday mood: you just want to plan your trip to that place in beautiful Holland. My favourite is the image of the roof tops of the Glass City, the Holland greenhouses in the Westland. Not just because it is one of my favourite regions, the image of the mysterious light…it’s fantastic.

Beautiful Holland  also is a bit interactive. You install the Layar app, screen a page with the Layar icon and get to see a video. The Netherlands in your livingroom, I call it. Great as coffee table book or to get some inspiration for a trip to Holland.

Yes, I also get inspired through this book.

I finally made that trip to Eindhoven to see the luminescent bicycle path inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s painting Starry Night.

Van Gogh ‘Starry Night’ Bicycle path by Daan Roosegaarde


Verita’s Visit has a few copies of Beautiful Holland  for sale. In Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian and Chinese.

I can send it to your home address or give it to you when you come on a bike tour or event in the Dutch countryside.

You can order the soft cover for €18.95 or the hard cover for €25.95  through this form, by sending an email to veritasvisit(@)gmail.com or by bank transfer

NL34 INGB 000 6 4 2 7 9 8 6 , Verita’s Company. Reference: Beautiful Holland book.

Let me know in which language you want this travelguide/ souvenir book.

Note:  Extra costs for delivering outside the Netherlands

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Tips for Cycling in Dutch Winter

Although it can get cold and windy sometimes, Holland is not a country where temperatures get so extreme you can’t cycle anymore.  Locals ánd international fans of the Low Lands commute from home to work nearly every working day by bicycle. Even in winter.  If you also want to stay in shape in winter and do what the local does here are some cycling tips Dutch winter:1. Take a look at the profile of your tires.  If the profile is gone and the tire smooth, it’s best to replace the tire.Lights on a

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