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Field of colourful dahlias near Keukenhof

Summer tulips: dahlias. Photoblog of a flower show garden

…other dahlias are in between summer & autumn

The end of the tulip season is never a happy one. The sight of the sea of colours brings so much joy and happiness. Once the tulips are gone, what is there to look forward to? Well, dahlias! You could call them the summer tulips. Just like tulips they’re bulb flowers, they’re amazingly colourful, with lots of varieties and there are fields full of them. Here’s an photo impression of the dahlia show garden near Keukenhof. 

Just a bunch of colourful dahlias in summer


These are the dahlias you often find in shops
Just a sweet pink dahlia in summer
Love how the colour of the flower matches with the dark leave
A bit of a quirkish dahlia. I like to call this one: the clown
In the Keukenhof area, or Bulb Flower Region you can find fields of dahlias in summer and early fall

Some dahlias celebrate summer with crazy colours!



…other dahlias are in between summer & autumn
Other dahlias bring colour to fall


The dahlia show garden near Keukenhof is open to all visitors. There are about 640 different cultivated varieties (cultivars). The flower garden can still be enjoyed till 29 September 2019.

See when Verita’s Visit is organising a bike tour through the dahlia fields


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