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Spotting tulip fields near Keukenhof- 5 April

These tulips make me think of poppies
These tulips make me think of poppies

On my tours & events through the area around Keukenhof I  have more than enough time to be spotting tulip fields. As a bike and bulb flower fan all flower fields in the surroundings of the Keukenhof just make me extremely happy. The daffodils are like sun beams, with their rays of yellow and gold they warm the land and my heart. The hyacinths in all shades of white, pink and purple fill the air with their perfumes. I know that there are many of you who love the tulip fields most, so that will be my main focus in this series of posts.

In the first weekend of true spring in the Netherlands, on Saturday 2 April, I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of these daffodil & hyacinth field when suddenly, in front of my eyes, appeared this field of tulips.

The tulips are only just¬†waking up and peaking their heads from between their leaves. Spotting a tulip field at this time that’s worth mentioning is quite difficult. I was really happy to find this early blooming tulips, just a bike ride away from Voorhout station.

There are always a couple of tulips which stand out from the rest because of their colours or shapes. I myself love this tulip.

Do you know how the name of these tulips?

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