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September events in The Hague 2017

We wave the summer holidays goodbye as the first signs of autumn creep in. Schools in the Netherlands have started again and everyone’s back to work. Many expats in The Hague have just arrived. The Dutch language, the Dutch culture, the food & the people. It’s not easy to get used to. Fortunately there are a few  September events in The Hague that make internationals feel at home. 

Some say January is a great month to make a new start. I would opt for September. In The Hague and many other cities in the Netherlands there are lots of festivals. To extend the summer feeling and to celebrate a new season.  In the three September events in The Hague that I’m mentioning here you explore the world. The international food, art & activities in these festivals make you feel at home or give you ideas for a vacation to a faraway destination. Locals, expats and tourists, they all come to The Hague in September to enjoy the city’s vibe, meet people & make new friends.

Celebration of global culture

The Embassy Festival takes place on the 1st & 2nd of September right in the The Hague city centre. The Lange Voorhout with its lush green trees is a perfect setting for this colourful event full of international food, world music & global entertainment. Free of charge.

Music is the universal language of mankind

In the very same weekend is the celebration of the UIT Festival The Hague. No need to speak the Dutch language, the music, dance, theatre and art are all international languages. This event celebrates the opening of the cultural season. Theatres open their doors, you can enjoy an outdoor performance, attend a workshop, find information & good deals in at the stands of the UIT market and of course there’s lots to eat & drink as well. 1-3 September, free of charge.

See similarities, accept differences

The Just Peace Festival is a 4-day festival which starts on the UN International Day of Peace.  Over 40 activities are organised to give you the opportunity to connect with others, learn about The Hague as City of Peace and Justice and talk about peace. Serious debates, fun activities, workshops & sports for all ages, all nationalities, all races. For all. See the program for all activities & their costs.

Verita’s Visit is organising the Peace & The Hague Bike Tour in the evening of the 21st September. We will see different international institutions, pass by peaceful places not everyone knows and find out how The Hague became the City of Peace and Justice.



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