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Growing vegetables on a rooftop greenhouse

Rooftop Greenhouse Tour Urban Farmers The Hague

The view is spectacular. From the rooftop on the 6th floor you can see all of The Hague. When you squint your eyes you can even see the Westland. The area where they grow and have been growing fruit & vegetables in greenhouses on the ground for centuries. The year is 2017 and we are at Urban Farmers The Hague, standing in a rooftop greenhouse full of vegetables, fruit and…fish?!


Urban Farmers tour guide Yarella Moendir has a great story to tell

Locally grown food on biking distance from your home

Our Urban Farmer tour guide Yarella Moendir is a fan. She enthusiastically explains how back in Switzerland Andreas Graber and Roman Graus came up with the idea of an urban rooftop farm. Locally grown food, on biking distance from your home. No pesticides, no antibiotics, big scale, small footprint. They succesfully created the first rooftop Urban Farm in Basel, Switzerland. Not long after that they entered a competition in the Netherlands.

Urban Farmers The Hague, a rooftop greenhouse in Holland

Urban Farmers The Hague wins competition

The 1950’s building on the Televisiestraat in The Hague once belonged to Philips, but had been vacant for some time now.  In 2013 the City of The Hague wanted to give this building a new meaning and invited sustainable food companies to enter their ideas. The Urban Farmers won the competition.

Green vegetables and herbs sure look delicious

The goal of a rooftop greenhouse in Holland

They had worked with greenhouse builders from the Westland before. The Urban Farmers The Hague opened its doors in 2016. In an interview with The Guardian in April that year it said:

The eventual hope is to serve 900 local families, plus restaurants and a cooking school, with 500 tilapia a week and 50 tonnes of rooftop veg a year.

Aztecs & aquaponics

They’re getting there. Right now a couple of restaurants in The Hague use their fruit, vegetables and fish in dishes. I see you wondering: fish?? Yes, the Urban Farmers The Hague grow fish as well.

Through aquaponics, a system that is similar to that used by the Aztecs they combine vegetable & fish production. They have chosen the tilapia , because it is a fairly stable fish and can cope with fluctuations in the water temperature, might these occur.  More info on aquaponics on the website of UF. 

Century old techniques used in a modern way

Activities on a rooftop greenhouse

Every Wednesday and Friday there’s a roof top market at Urban Farmers The Hague for your fresh fruit & vegetables and fish. In some time these rooftop markets will take place every day. Other partners are found. The six storey high building will at one point be filled with other sustainable companies.  

A visit to the Urban Farmers The Hague is quite an adventure

They organise events such as live music or Karaoke nights, yoga sessions and fish filleting workshops. Check the Facebookpage Urban Farmers Netherlands for all their activities.  Interested in visiting this rooftop greenhouse & compare it with other greenhouses? Contact travel(@)

Picking own tomatoes….Very tasty

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