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How to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam by public transport

How to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam by public transport? It’s fairly easy. As explained in this blogpost, the popular flower garden of the Netherlands is located in Lisse. This year, the Keukenhof is open from 22 March till 13 May 2018. In these six weeks,  there are special buses that drop you right in front of the entrance of this magnificent flower park.

Get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam

There are several ways to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam by public transport. There is no direct connection though, you will always need to change to another train or bus.

Bus 397 is perfect for when you want to go from Amsterdam city centre to Schiphol. To get to Schiphol airport, you can use one of these bus stops in the city centre.

Bus 397 will take you to the Amsterdam airport. You get off at the stop that says: Schiphol, airport.

There you look for a bus with the number 858. Signs on the bus read ‘Keukenhof Express’. It has lovely images of the tulip garden printed on it.

Here’s a timetable for bus 858 The bus from Amsterdam Schiphol airport takes about 30 minutes to reach Keukenhof. There’s a bus leaving every 7-10 minutes. Do take into account that there might be a line and you have to wait for the bus. I really recommend to purchase the tickets in advance!

This is a good option to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam in 2018. If you choose the Amsterdam Keukenhof bike tour combi, public transport as well as entrance tickets to the spring flower garden in Lisse are included. I will be waiting for you right in front of the entrance for the bike tour.

Travel with the Keukenhof express

If you are not staying in the city centre of Amsterdam or in another city nearby , you can also opt to take a train to Schiphol airport and from there switch unto bus number 858, ‘Keukenhof express’.


Are you staying in Haarlem or Leiden? Then there are direct busses to Keukenhof tulip festival! The stop is at the busplatform in front of the train station. In Leiden your bus number is 854. This bus is also decorated with flower prints. In Haarlem look for bus number 50.

Bus stop Leiden station

Off the beaten tulip track

An adventurous way to travel from Amsterdam to the Keukenhof spring flower garden 2018 is by taking a train to Sassenheim. It’s a slow train that offers amazing views of the bulb flower fields in Amsterdam area. Sassenheim has a small station. The bus to Lisse, number 50 is right next to the train station. You get of at bus stop Lisse, Vreewijk and then walk a 1.4 km to Keukenhof.

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