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Exploring the Netherlands by bike, celebrating local festivities with locals and finding hidden treasures in the Duch countryside. It just isn’t possible without the enthusiasm of others. 

Does your business have a connection with expats, tourists visiting the Netherlands or with Dutch travellers and explorers? Or do you promote the Dutch culture, language, heritage or products?

If you have an idea on how we can work together to make more people celebrate life in the Netherlands, please contact me.

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Ute’s International Lounge

Ute helps you bridge the unfamiliar with the familiar and understand the local culture and language at Ute’s International Lounge.  She holds a PhD in Romance studies and her expertise lies in verbal and non-verbal communication, bilingualism and intercultural communication.

Ute is a lifelong expat herself and knows about the challenges of an international life. In her workshops, trainings and one-on-one coaching sessions she combines scientific findings and personal experiences on several topics related to international life (find out about it here). Her goal is to help internationals navigate their life abroad successfully and enjoy their international journey.

She offers all her services in English, Deutsch, Français, Nederlands and Italiano.


Michel Verrast

“Michel Verrast” is thé specialist for surprising day tours and two day tours in The Netherlands and Belgium. Looking for more adventure, tension and spontaneity? Challenge yourself and experience once again how much fun it is being surprised!

On the website of “Michel Verrast”,  it is easy to book your surprising tour, in only 4 steps! You can choose between sports, culture, health & mind, drinks, food and nature. These tours are a guarantee for adventure, tension, a feeling of freedom, spontaneity, the relax mode, fun and energy. Moreover, small-scale activities and locations and everything has been organized and arranged for you!

Shut the door and leave without any preparations, without expectations and just go for it, be surprised!

Note: The website of Michel Verrast is in Dutch, but most tours can be arranged in English


Kukullus offers you interesting guided museum tours in art museums in the Netherlands, like the famous Rijksmuseum, the “treasure chamber” of the Netherlands, the Mauritshuis museum in The Hague which houses unique masterpieces of Dutch and Flemish art, and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam with its breath-taking collection. With Kukullus’ engaging guided tours, you discover the ‘secrets’ of Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, Vincent van Gogh and their fellow artists.

You prefer outdoor activity? Get into the city and explore stunning stories of world-famous Amsterdam or charming Utrecht during a city tour. Or book a city tour in Cleves and Düsseldorf (Germany) with Kukullus. See and hear about characteristic sights during our city walks, about local legends, hidden gems and special places not to miss.

All tours are possible in English, Dutch and German. Need a tour on a special subject? Just get in contact and discuss your wishes!



Museum De Zwarte Tulp

Museum The Black Tulip (Museum De Zwarte Tulp) is thé bulb flower cultivation  & -art museum. Visitors experience the Flower Bulb region through an interactive exhibition for the entire family and school-aged children. The museum tells the 500-year history of the region, the activities on the land 100 years ago and in present time and the science behind cultivating new tulip varieties. The museum also shows how artists are being inspired again and again by the beauty of flowers by showing the most important collection of prints in this area, an art collection consisting of paintings, glass, silver and porcelain and changing expositions of contemporary art.


Ever thought about a houseboat holiday in the Netherlands? It’s a completely unique way to spend your time in our little country full of rivers, lakes and canals. Bookahouseboat.com offers houseboat rentals in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and many more great places in Holland.


Staying in a houseboat offers an experience that is both exciting – most of the time you’re surrounded by water– and relaxing at the same time. Just watch the swans and ducks swim by and you will get in a Sunday morning mood right away.

When visiting the website, you will find both traditional freight ships that are completely renovated and modern barges that match any high-end apartment in level of luxury. So if you’re still looking for accommodation in Holland and want a once-in-a lifetime experience, just rent a houseboat and experience the freedom of floating!


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