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Outdoor weekend tip The Hague Fall

The fall break is just around the corner and the kids are anxious to go outside, to run through the forest and collect some fall treasures. You enjoy nature in a more relaxed way. You love to wander in a peaceful forest, taking in the different fall colors.  Well,  if you’re spending the holidays in the Netherlands, here’s my outdoor weekend tip The Hague for the whole family.

Some think fall in the Netherlands is synonym to rain and spending most of your free time indoors. Sure, it can rain, but there quite some good moments for a bike ride or a hike as well.  Head out right after the rain cloud has passed and your outdoor activity in nature will be even more spectacular.    My outdoor weekend tip The Hague takes us to Clingendael, a beautiful park at 10 minutes by bike from the city centre.

Rain boots on the red bridge in Japanese garden

Make sure the kids wear their rain boots, so they can jump through puddles and look for chestnuts. You will definitely enjoy the serene feel and the amazing fall colors of the Japanese garden,  This garden is only open from 13 till 27 October 2018. It also opens for a few weeks in spring, in the last week of April till the first week of June.

These pictures are an impression of my visit to this colourful nature area in The Hague.

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