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Souvenirs for sale

Beautiful Holland, a Souvenir

You’re in the midst of the tulip fields and it’s raining cats and dogs, in front of the Houses of Parliament in The Hague there’s a construction going on. No way you’re going to get that picture perfect.

Then there’s the book. A travelguide, a coffee table book, an inspirational work, a souvenir.  And it’s for sale.

Read how the book inspires a localBook


March 2017: Win tickets guided tour tulip farm

Daan & Anja of tulip farm De Tulperij open their doors again for all visitors on 31 March. This calls for a festive competition.

Win two tickets for the guided tour through the greenhouse and the flower fields by enthusiastic tulip grower Daan.

February 2017: Win tickets Dutch Cycling & Hiking Fair

Get into the mood again for whole days of cycling and hiking in the amazing Dutch countryside. 

Win two tickets to the Dutch Cycling & Hiking Fair ( Fiets- en Wandelbeurs).



Spring in Holland

My 7 Favourite Spring Events in the Netherlands

Take nature’s awesome awakenings, a good amount of holidays and a bunch of travellers and locals. What do you get? A fantastic spring full of colour, inspiration and creativity. Here are my 7 favourite spring events in Holland in which you get a taste of Dutch culture, meet & greet locals and other travellers and celebrate the Dutch way of life. 

Read on for a virtual visit

April: The Hague/ Leiden Area

Cows Going Outside for the First Time in 2016

Are you crazy about cows and would you love to dance together with them at the moment they run out of their barn to enjoy the spring air? Here are a few travel tips for seeing cows going outside for the first time this year on 9 April 2016 in The Hague and Leiden area.

Read on for a virtual visit

Keukenhof area

31 March ’17

Leiden-Keukenhof bike tour 

The best Dutch Spring flower fields & tulips in Holland end March, spotted during the Leiden-Keukenhof bike tour, a family outing.

Read on for a virtual visit

April week 1

Easter break in the tulip fields 

Find out why tulip picking in Holland is something all men want to do & read all traveltips to make the best out of your Easter break in the Keukenhof area.

Read on for a virtual visit


22 April ’16

Behind the Scenes of the Flower Parade

Every year I discover new gems and other hidden treasures in the Keukenhof area, but never have I been in the hall of flower creations and flower arrangements. A peek behind the scenes of the flower parade Noordwijk, Keukenhof, Haarlem

Read on for a virtual visit

20 April ’16

A Day Out in the Tulip Fields

A local tulip maniac gives tips on what to see and do on a day out in the tulip fields in the Netherlands

Read on for a virtual visit

5 April ’16

Spotting Tulip Fields near Keukenhof 

Spotting tulip fields near Keukenhof is not easy in the first week of April, but this one is just a bike ride away from Voorhout station. Read on for a virtual visit

Bikes & cycling in Holland

The Bike from Staphorst & the Dutch Dressguard 

How a picture of women in folk costume riding their traditional Dutch bicycles inspired me to go on a daytrip to Staphorst, region Overijssel.

Read on for a virtual visit


On a Bike to a Greenhouse in South Holland

What happens when you go on a bike tour with Finnish farmers and visit a Dutch greenhouse?

Read the full story 


 Summer Cycle Tour Schiermonnikoog

The Dutch Wadden islands are one of my favourite landscapes in the Netherlands. To get there by bike from Kollum, a quaint village in Friesland is quite an adventure.  

Read on for a virtual visit

Tips for Cycling in Dutch Winter

Locals & international Holland fans get around on their bicycle. Even in winter. Want to stay cool and cycle al through the winter in the Netherlands? Prepare for your winter bike ride with these cycling tips for Dutch winter. Read more

Affordable rental bike in the Netherlands 

The OV fiets: the Dutch rental bike that costs just over 3 Euros. In Amsterdam alone there are over 10 rental locations, spread throughout the Netherlands there are 278 points where you can rent this inexpensive bike. Once introduced as an easy way to get from the train station to work this bike scheme by the NS, the Dutch railway company is now also becoming more popular for short cycle tours.

How does it work? 

Learn How to Cycle with Jip & Janneke

Jip & Janneke, two characters from the children’s books by Annie MG Schmidt were my heroes when I was young. The little daredevils went on many adventures. They motivated me to try out new things, expand boundaries. In one story Jip is on a bike. He is not a great cyclist, but beliefs in himself. 

Read on for the full story  

Summer Festival Hopping by Bicycle

Summer Festival Hopping in South Holland  by bicycle is a great activity. Here’s a selection of the South Holland festivals of music, art, food and theatre.

Read on for a virtual visit

The Hague

Bike Parkings at The Hague Central Station

Where do you park your bike at The Hague Central Station? This was the question I asked locals and expats in The Hague after another frustrating search for a bike parking spot at the station. I took up this bike-related challenge and with their answers and my own Sherlock Holmes senses I started this investigation with only one goal: to find the best free bike parking The Hague Central Station for you and me…

Read on for a virtual visit

South Holland

April: Gouda

Golden Glow over Gouda City

The Gouda city hall lights up in a golden glow. The few rays of sunlight passing the city hall direct all attention to the negotiation game of the cheese farmer and the buyer on this Thursday’s Gouda cheese market.  After the deal has been sealed the farmer approaches me and asks: Would you like to try out different cheeses and make your own cheese in a cheese farm”? There’s a little spark inside me and I nodd my head. He makes a phone call, arranges a bike and…. Read on for a virtual visit

May: The Hague

At Peace in a Quiet Place in the Netherlands

It’s May holiday. Today I just want to get away from the city a bit, visit nature and enjoy the silence there. There’s a special reason I’m looking for a quiet place in Holland today…

Read on for a virtual visit

June: Scheveningen

Story and History of Flag Day Scheveningen

My first visit to Flag Day Scheveningen  was out of curiousity. I heard that the whole festival revolved around herring, and more precisely the new herring. But, if it was all about the herring, why wasn’t  it called Herring Day or Herring Festival? I decided it was time to unravel the story and history of Flag Day Scheveningen…

Read on for a virtual visit

Flag Day Scheveningen

Flag Day Scheveningen Fact/ Fiction

Flag Day Scheveningen was held on Pentecost 

Flag Day Scheveningen is celebrated in June. Now there’s this rumour that in the past Flag Day used to be held during Pentecost. Is it a fact or fiction? Read it here

The Hague/ Leiden & Japan

Visit the Japanese Garden The Hague on a Special Sunday in May

The Japanese Garden in The Hague is open till 12 June 2016. On Sunday 15 May I would definitely recommend a visit there. On that day you can combine it with a nice daytrip or bike ride to Leiden, where a very special event takes place. Read on to find out more 


The name of the Keukenhof Area

The story of tulips, hyacinths and bulb flowers starts in the area where Keukenhof is located. But what’s the name of the area the Keukenhof is located in?

Find out here

March-May: Amsterdam/ Haarlem/Keukenhof

Alternative day program Amsterdam Keukenhof

Are you coming to the Netherlands in spring just to visit Keukenhof or do you have friends or family coming over who really want to see the bulb flower & tulip fields? This is an alternative day program from Amsterdam to Keukenhof with a couple of insiders tips.

Read on for a virtual visit



How travel guides about the Netherlands, reference books and other travel literature inspire my wanderlust.

Get inspired

Holland in winter

For cold winters in Holland there’s koek en zopie. When you ask for zopie now you get hot chocolate. In the past you got warm alcohol…read the full koek & zopie story

Get away from the city bustle and explore the countryside in the Netherlands. Enjoy the typical Dutch landscape, experience life on a farm. No need to go far, no need to be outside very long, all of this can just be done indoors. Untill the 13th of March that is. In the The Hague Photography museum the exhibition ‘Farming Folk. Adventures on the Countryside’ shows the life and work of farmers in the Netherlands through captivating photos from 1885 till now….Read on for a virtual visit

Holland Holiday Season

In the holiday season employees in the Netherlands receive a kerstpakket, the Dutch version of the Christmas hamper. Although it’s been a tradition for centuries and has strong ties with the traditional Christmas boxes in English speaking countries, there is no Boxing Day in the Netherlands…
Read more

To feel the history, see what was described in the guide. I took a map, ticked the places and was off.  Now I treasure the Christmas season. I am always attracted by the decoration, the lights that give this magical glow to the city and get into this really festive mood with all the different events in The Hague. For this blogpost I chose…

Holiday is over and you kind of miss that special celebrative atmosphere? Plan an evening visit in the capital and enjoy the Amsterdam Light Festival by boat. The festival runs until the 17th of January.

Get into the mood with this virtual visit 

All my blog destinations on a map


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