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Imagine the inhabitants of your city are starving and they force you to make a radical decision, what would you do? Would you use your charms if this could save a city from its enemy’s attack? The heroes of the Leidens Ontzet, crossed boundaries to save lives. How far would you go?

In the Leidens Ontzet Treasure Hunt you experience the city through the eyes of the heroes of the Relief of Leiden. You walk through the streets past locations where they carried out big and small deeds. Through a series of questions and creative assignments you explore psychological and cultural boundaries. With every step you take you dig deeper into a past of mysteries and it is hard to distinguish facts from fiction. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone, because you’re with a team of 4 people and there are countless strangers you can ask for help. The more people you include in the completion of the assignments, the more points you score.


On Saturday 1 October and Monday 3 October the Leiden Ontzet Treasure Hunt takes place. trail ends at a bar/ restaurant where you can try the typical Dutch mash. The winning team of the Leiden Ontzet Treasure Hunt will receive their  special Leiden prize here! You can sign up either for 1 or for 3 October.

To get into the mood:

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Saturday 1 October and Monday 3 October: Leidens Ontzet Treasure Hunt

Starting point OctoberMorspoort parking 
Leiden , Zuid Holland. 
By foot.
Starting time 1 October:
  4 PM                    3 October: 6:30 AM or 11:30 AM
1,5 to 3 hours
Costs:  €25,00 p.p.
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