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Verita’s Visit Holland is a company run by me, Vera ter Beest. When traveling, I love getting an authentic, local experience.  I find Dutch culture and traditions extremely fascinating, but even more when I exchange ideas with participants.  My main goal is to organise your dreamtrip Holland. This is why I do not have a book-and-pay system. I want to know your dreams and have personal contact with you. So you can ask questions and can get to know me. These general conditions are created as a back-up. If you have any questions, doubts, remarks or suggestions, do contact me! I always want to improve my -bike- tours & team events in the Netherlands.


  1. Registration for the group tours &  team events  is only possible through the booking form on Verita’s Visit or by sending an email to veritasvisit@gmail.com.
  2. Verita’s Visit will get in contact with you after registration to inquire if you have any special needs or wishes. An invoice will follow. Reservations are confirmed once your payment is received. Please make sure the fee is paid before the event. You are advised to take a copy of the payment slip to the group tour or team event in the Netherlands.
  3. The price stated at every tour or event is a starting price. A certain amount of participants is needed for -bike- tours to happen. Depending on how your dreamtrip Holland looks like, arrangements can be made, which also alters the price.  Please contact Verita’s Visit for more information through veritasvisit @gmail.com.

Bike tours:

  1. Exact starting point, travel details and other useful information will be given after I’ve received your payment.
  2. Please come on time, especially for group tours. Me and the other participants can not wait for you. If you are too late, you will not get your money back
  3. Bike tours always happen, unless there are predictions for long periods of heavy rain or storm. In that case we will see if we can reschedule the bike tour.

Cancellation and refunds

  1. To cancel your booking notify Verita’s Visit by e-mail. Bike tours: We will first see if we can reschedule the tour. Cancel 7 days before the actual tour and you get a full refund. 4 days prior to the bike tour you get  a 50% refund. Cancellations made 3 days or less prior to the tour or ‘no-shows’ do not get a refund. Late comers are seen as no shows. Group outings or team events: We will first see if we can reschedule the outing. As all group activities are customised, these can only be refunded for 75% if you cancel 2 weeks prior to the actual event. If you cancel 1 week before, you get a refund of 50%. 7 days or less and you  do not get refund.  Make sure you receive an acknowledgement of your cancellation from Verita’s Visit. Only this will confirm that your request has been received and processed.


  1. Verita’s  Visit does not act as principal but makes arrangements with third-parties. In case you have a dispute/ disagreement with a third party, do direct to this party. Verita’s Visit can not be held responsible
  2. The content of a tour or event is subject to change, as well as duration, starting time and meeting point.
  3. Verita’s Visit reserves the right to cancel an activity, be it group outing, outdoor event, bike tour or any other trip for any reason. You will always be updated, might any changes occur. We will first try to reschedule.
  4. Verita’s Visit can not be held responsible for any damage to you or third parties.
  5. These events  and bike toursare made in such a way that you experience the Dutch culture like a local and with a local and get a chance to practise your Dutch in a fun and interactive way. It’s for this reason Verita’s Visit appreciates it when you join the event open-minded and show your interest and curiosity.

Pictures & videos

  1. During the event pictures & videos will be made and used as promotional material on the website and social media of Verita’s Visit. If you don’t want your pictures to be used, please contact Verita’s Visit.

Enjoy the tour or event in the Netherlands with Verita’s Visit. If you have any questions before, during or after the event, please do not hesitate to ask them in English, Spanish or Dutch.