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Treasure Hunt Keukenhof area Flower Mosaic

Less known than the Flower Parade in the Keukenhof area is the Flower Mosaic Contest that takes place in different villages throughout the Bulb region. Bulb growers & local business(wo)men show their artistic side and create beautiful works of art  in this very special competition around bulbs & flowers  in beautifully arranged in flower mosaics. 

The Flower Mosaic edition of the treasure hunt Keukenhof area is a fantastic moment to show the world how artistic you and your team are. Get inspired by the fantastic pieces of art made by the bulb growers & restaurant owners in the Bulb region, work with your team of family, friends or colleagues with traditional bulb growing tools, find out the basics of life in the Bulb region and start craving & crafting. 


When: Saturday April 16 , 2016
Starting point: Somewhere in Sassenheim, Zuid Holland. Exact location given after registration.
How: Best is by bike, by car or solex is possible.Note bike or solex is not included, but can be arranged for an extra fee.
Time: From 10 AM till approx. 1 PM.

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