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Fact: Flag Day Scheveningen on Pentecost

For as long as I can remember Flag Day Scheveningen is held in June. The local Dutch event celebrating the nieuwe haring, the first herring catch of the season is a big happening attracting people from all over the world. So,  is it a fact or fiction? Could the people of the fishers’ town near The Hague have celebrated Flag Day Scheveningen on Pentecost? That was the question I asked on Facebook.

In the early days of the herring fishing, the boatsmen knew May was the month they would set out to catch some herring. They would prepare their boats for the journey on the sea, make some test tours and by Pentecost they would have their boats ready and all decorated with flags. On Pentecost, Whit Sunday they would set sail. As the Scheveninger people were and still are quite religious people, the day of departure soon changed to Whit Monday.

It is then indeed a fact Flag Day Scheveningen was held on Pentecost.

Why is Flag Day Scheveningen now celebrated in June then? The answer will follow soon. Stay tuned through social media and if you want to know all the ins and outs check the trivia tour Vlaggetjesdag Scheveningen

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