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Group tour Dutch cheese and apples

Red and yellow. I get a craving for blushing apples and earthy nuts when I cycle through the forest of fall colors. Program of the day: a group tour Dutch cheese and apples. Let’s taste that great combination of salty cheese and sweet/ sour apple!

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Bike tour Hague windmill and palace

In this full day guided bike tour The Hague windmill and palace you:

  • See royal palaces, estates, castles and a windmill

  • Relax in the lush green parks and forest of The Hague 

  • Might spot the Dutch king, queen or one of their 3 daughters – on a bike- 

3 windmills of Hague area

What: The Hague windmill and palace

Duration: Full day (6 hours, 35-40km)

Costs:  €55.00 p.p. (4-10 people)

      €75.00 p.p. (2 people)

Starting Point: The Hague

Starting time: 10 AM 

Included: regular bike rental, local English- Spanish, Dutch speaking guide, drink at unique location

On request only


Examples of optional activities with extra costs:

  • A visit or guided tour at a castle or windmill 
  • Local wine tasting
  • High tea at the King’s estate
  • Anything specific you want to see or do? Let me know!

The golden age and royal The Hague by bike 

The Hague is the royal city of the Netherlands.  In the city centre you can already easily find a couple of palaces used by the royal family. When you go beyond the borders of the Hague centre a series of palaces, mansions and castles from Middle Ages to Golden Age and Industrial Age. All hidden from view by lush shrubs of rodendendron, lime or chestnut trees. The castles and palaces are connected by beautiful cycle paths that lead to estates, parks and gardens.  Reason enough to explore the surroundings of The Hague by bike.

Beer of The Hague windmill and castle

The route of the bike tour The Hague windmill and castle takes you to different windmills.  You might have heard of water mills or flour mills, but do you also know how the windmill is related to the production of beer before and during the Golden Age?  Let’s see some Dutch windmills and find out what they do and how they work. Talking about beer, we’ll also pass by a castle that used to be the house of a Dutch beer brewer.  Maybe a good time to have a beer/ coffee/ lemonade stop?


Full day cycling The Hague and surroundings

On the bike tours and team events of Verita’s Visit we take our time to explore. There are multiple stops enroute in which you connect with locals or have time for a typical Dutch bite or drink at a local café or restaurant. 

This tour is done with a regular bicycle, although electric bikes (not included in the price) are recommended. 

bike tour team event flower fields Holland-veritasvisit

Keukenhof area flowers and sea

Tulip field bike tours

Spring, between mid-March to mid-May, the Keukenhof area north of Leiden and south of Amsterdam becomes one huge colorful carpet of tulips and other spring flowers. In the tulip field bike tours you not only cycle through these fields, you also meet a bulb grower, spot a windmill, see a few castles, feel the sea breeze, pass peaceful villages and get to know the local cafés. 

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Windmill dunes beach gladiolus Keukenhof area summer tour Verita's Visit

Beach & dahlia bike tour

Summer and early autumn, between mid-July to October, are the ideal seasons to experience the Dutch beachlife and enjoy the summer flower fields in the Keukenhof area. In the Holland beach & summer flower bike tour we cycle through the Dutch countryside in search of these gladiolus, lily or dahlia fields. There is even a moment to pick them ourselves! Enroute we stop by a unique tea garden or have a drink at beach resort Noordwijk. We might even spot a windmill on our way.

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Team challenge tulips & all

The area around Keukenhof – kitchen garden – is full of hidden gems and surprises.   If you ever asked yourself how you can create a tulip, what a bulb grower does when the tulips don’t bloom and if you can eat spring flowers,  this team challenge is for you. Minimum 10 participants. Company event, family outing or game for friends. Can be booked all year through,  best in spring. 


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Keukenhof area windmill water tulips

Flower fields and water

The first thing you think about when you hear Keukenhof area are tulips. Tulip and other spring flower fields. When you explore this Dutch region by bike you’ll soon discover the 18 km long coastline in the west and the huge lake area in the east. Follow the main canal south, pass by windmills and dairy farms and you’ll reach the lovely city of Leiden. Take a route north past estates, castles and countryside and you’ll end up in the historical city of Haarlem and eventually Amsterdam

Keukenhof area: more than tulips

The Keukenhof area is better known as Bollenstreek in Dutch. In the bulb flower region – bulb = bol, region = streek)  bulb growers grow tulips, hyacinths and other spring flowers. In summer or early autumn  you’ll be amazed by the summer flower fields. Dahlia, gladiolus and even lilies make your heart go b(l)oom.

The surprises of the Bulb Flower Region

Verita’s Visit bike tours and team events in the Keukenhof area are full of surprises.

  • You meet the local flower growers and the millers
  • Pick your own fruit or flowers in one of the many gardens
  • have a high tea at a castle
  • find fantastic farms to have a drink or a bite
  • celebrate a local festival in one of the villages
  • create your own tulip

The Keukenhof area flower and sea bike tours and group activities mainly take place in spring, summer and early autumn.

Looking for an activity in autumn or winter. Contact me for a custom- made program at veritasvisit (@) gmail .com or check the options in The Hague, Delft or Gouda.



Dutch countryside dahlia cycle tour Verita's Visit

Holland beach and summer flower bike tour

Beach and summer flower bike with guide Verita's Visit

Holland beach and summer flower bike tour


What Half day beach and summer flower bike tour
4 hours
Distance: 15-25 km
Costs:  €180.00 (2 people), €55.00 p.p. ( group of 4-10 people)
Starting Point: Noordwijk beach resort
When: Mid- July till October
Included: regular bike rental, local English- Spanish-, Dutch speaking guide, drink enroute.

Noordwijk beach resort, the town with its cosy centre and beautiful white lighthouse is the starting point of this half day beach and summer flower bike trip. The summer flowers in the Keukenhof area are not as huge as the tulip fields in spring, but the gladiolus, montbretia, lilies and dahlia field do make awesome views as well. Before we get to the fields, we first cycle a bit along the coast, through the dunes. We have a drink overlooking the lake, or head straight to the windmill. Following the canal we look out on the typical Dutch polders until we reach another stop. Will we be picking dahlias and other summer flowers  at a unique tea garden or fresh fruit in the orchard? The beach and summer flower bike tour is totally adaptable to your wishes. Let me know on forehand what you like to see and do.


Optional activities with extra costs:

  • Transport to and from starting point
  • Meet and greet with flower grower


Team events outdoor for company, family and friends

team event outdoor

Team events outdoor

Verita’s Visit Holland creates team events outdoor. These include team building activities, social & side events at conferences or meetings, company outings, family gatherings, bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries.

The idea is to make you experience the authentic Dutch way of life, outside Amsterdam. Most – cycle- tours, activities and events in the Netherlands take place in the Dutch countryside. Focus is on outdoor events, but a combination with indoor visits is always possible!

It will be my pleasure to help you organise outdoor events in the Netherlands like:

This is a small selection of all the team events outdoor and indoor Verita’s Visit Holland can help you organise. I already have had the opportunity to work for European, Asian and American families, companies, tour operators and travel agents and am looking forward to creating the best day trip, excursion or activity for you.

Contact travel (@) veritasvisit .nl for your own costumized tour, event or activity.

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