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From Leiden

Celebrating Thanksgiving in the Netherlands

Thanksgiving is an American celebration. So why would you celebrate Thanksgiving in the Netherlands? Today we travel back and forth in time in search of the roots of the harvest festival and discover thé place to celebrate Thanksgiving.

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Team event Leiden

It was February when I received a request from the event manager of an international company. She was looking for a nice team event Leiden and had seen the Leidens Ontzet Treasure Hunt on the website of Verita’s Visit Holland. Could I organise this group activity late March?

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De Stijl open air museum Leiden

It’s like the orange madness, only in primary colours.  It is in every city in the Netherlands. Everywhere. You can’t turn a corner without bumping into a red-white-blue and yellow & black decoration or object. It’s what happened to me. I was in Leiden for my regularly city walk. Walked through the city centre, into one of the historical streets. Turned the corner and there it was: a De Stijl open air museum Leiden.

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August Events in the Netherlands

Summer in Holland is fantastic. Long, colourful days with nice temperatures and a good amount of sunshine ( most of the time at least).   Whether you like music, food or flowers, t here’s always something to do. Most of the time you can even combine all of your interests, passions and hobbies by going to one place or even one festival. In the post  Summer Festival Hopping you could already read about my favourite festivals in the province South Holland. Now, to make sure you won’t miss out on some typical Dutch activities during your Holland holiday I wanted to highlight some August events in the Netherlands that Verita’s Visit organises themed food & flowers.

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Leiden-Keukenhof bike tour : Family Outing

It’s a 40 km bike ride, around 24 miles and a great mix of different typical dutch landscapes. the Leiden-Keukenhof bike tour is definitely worth it and a great idea for a family outing as well. See for yourself.

Celebrating Mondriaan & Dutch Design at syrup waffle stop on Leiden-Keukenhof bike tour

What I love about the Leiden-Keukenhof bike tour is what happens when the first flower field is spotted. In the first part, from Leiden till the lake area Kagerplassen you see canals, windmills,  monumental houses. Here and there a beautiful garden full of spring flowers.

The power flower effect!

The first flower field comes into sight a 30 minutes cycling from Leiden.  A sparkle in the eyes, the corners of the mouth curl into a smile and suddenly the cycling seems to go much easier. Spotting the first flower field, breathing in the fresh air mixed with the perfume of hyacinth, it gives energy. That is thé power flower effect!