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Gouda area local food, windmills and water

Stroopwafel & cheese food tour Gouda

Verita’s Visit Gouda food tour is a magical journey through Gouda’s smallest streets.  Smell the scent of cinnamon and caramel as you bake your own fresh stroopwafel in one of the oldest workshops in Gouda. Feel the salt on your tongue as the owner of the cosiest cheese shop makes you taste his newest arrival: an old Gouda.

Experience Gouda food tour: cheese & stroopwafels


Typical Dutch group activities & teambuilding

Hen party, wedding anniversary, celebration of your 75th birthday, teambuilding event Verita’s Visit Holland loves to make your Gouda visit special. Get to know the city and its surroundings by connecting with locals. Verita’s Visit organises fun games and workshops in which you get to know the city’s highlights, the Dutch culture and the typical Gouda products in a different way than with a guide on a city walk. Customised group activities & personalised team building. From me, to you. 

Team building event in Gouda area

Company outing Gouda Old Dutch & diversity

Bike tour Gouda area local food, windmills & water

A bike tour for everyone. An easy ride from city into countryside in which we see all typical Dutch scenes. We cycle along the river, see polders and dikes and make a stop at one or 2 cheese farms. On request you can add a cheese making workshop, lunch, guided tour at a cheese farm

Cycle Tour Gouda Cheese Farm & Cheese Market

Cycle tour Woerden city & Gouda cheese

Golden products of Gouda 

Say Gouda, say cheese.  The city of Gouda brings a smile on your face. Wheels of golden cheeses welcome you as you enter the city, the scent of freshly baked golden stroopwafels lead you into the historical centre with its maze of cosy streets around the church with amazing stained glass windows. Wandering through Gouda city you see a hint of this golden gem in Holland. Cross the city’s borders and you find the gold in Gouda area local food, windmills and water.

The Cheese Valley in the Green Heart of Holland

Located in the Green Heart of Holland and in the middle of the Cheese Valley, Gouda can be easily reached by public transport from Amsterdam, The Hague or Rotterdam. It’s a great destination for foodies and culture lovers. The many local festivals such as Stroopwafel Day, Gouda by Candlelight and the Erasmus Festival add an extra dimension to your visit to the Golden city of cheese, stroopwafels ( the typical Dutch caramel cookies) and other Dutch gold.

The Dutch golden city

Gouda is named after the river Gouwe. A long long time ago Gouda locals saw gold in the water. It was the peat glistering in the sun. You could say this peat river Gouwe brought the gold into Gouda’s city centre. Transport of golden cheese and raw materials such as grain and clay went by water. Workshops and factories in the city centre made stroopwafels out of the grain and pipes and Gouda pottery out of clay.

Gouda stroopwafel workshops & ceramic factories

Nowadays most of the stroopwafel workshops and ceramic factories have moved outside of Gouda’s historical centre. Fortunately they’re just a bike ride away in Gouda area local food, windmills and water. Follow the river and live the Dutch water management system. Ride on a dike, see the polders on both sides, feel how the water gives and takes, hear how windmills and pumping stations manage the water level. Near the water you’ll find the earthenware factory and cheese farms.

Experience the Gouda cheese making

To truly experience the story of Gouda cheese start at the Gouda cheese market (April – August) in the historical city centre and then follow the river into the Gouda countryside. You will see the cows eating green green grass. It is this grass, full of herbs, which gives flavor to the Gouda cheese. The cheese is made in a cheese farm. The cheese making is one of the most fascinating things. One of my favorite cheese makers was spot on when she said:

“It’s amazing to see how it just takes a couple of hours for milk to turn into cheese”

Get social with a local in Gouda area local food, windmills and water

The best way to enjoy the local food is by getting social with a local. So visit a cheese farm, do a stroopwafel workshop, enter a local shop and taste the fresh, homemade products in Gouda area local food, windmills and water – an environment that breathes history.


Gouda area local food, windmills & water  group activities take place all year through.

Contact me for a custom- made program at veritasvisit (@) gmail .com or via the contact form and check all other options in  Delft, Leiden, The Hague or Keukenhof area.


Good Food Holland Greenhouse Verita's Visit

Half day team event around The Hague

Pack your bags! You’re going on a trip to the Netherlands. The grand finale: a half day team event around The Hague with your work team. After a couple of days of trainings and workshops in the company’s Dutch headquarter you and your international colleagues head out for adventure!

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Holland Greenhouse Festival Kom in de Kas

It takes place the First weekend of April.  Some call it the ‘get into the greenhouse’ event. Although it takes place in different areas of the Netherlands,  I love visiting the Holland greenhouses of the Westland. The Westland is not only a bike ride away from The Hague or Delft, it is also the cradle of the horticulture in the Netherlands. Here’s what the region has in store – or better, in the greenhouse- for you.


In Dutch the event is called Kom in de kas 2019. In English I would call it Holland greenhouse festival. It’s more than a visit to a Dutch greenhouse, it’s a celebration which is great fun for all ages. The different bands playing enroute of this Holland greenhouse festival get you into the festive mood, you can taste paprika smoothies or radishes with chocolate or just relax in the sun with a cup of coffee & cake, children can participate in all kind of fun activities and of course you can buy your favourite flowers, fruit & vegetables at a stand located at the end of the Holland greenhouse festival.

Greenhouses in the Netherlands open their doors for visitors only one time per year. The reason is that  young, growing plants are vulnerable and easily infected by diseases, which is why hygiene in the greenhouses is extremely important and visitors are often not allowed inside or can only visit when they follow strict hygiene rules.

So, it’s quite a unique opportunity to visit a greenhouse and see how fruit, vegetable & flowers are grown. A colleague once called Westland the all year round Keukenhof and it’s true. You’ll be amazed by all the different types of flowers grown in the Westland, also known as Glass City.  You can see all the fantastic greenhouse innovations and developments, ask the growers all your questions about the plants that are being grown and many greenhouses put (Dutch) signs which explain all about the horticulture.

The Kom in de Kas ( get into the greenhouse) event takes place on Saturday 6 April from 10 AM – 5 PM  & Sunday 7 April 2019 from 10 AM – 4 PM.  In Westland the focus is at Maasland where 10 greenhouses open their doors. There are lovely cycle routes from The Hague & Delft to the centre of horticulture and visitors are advised to come by bike. Really don’t feel like cycling? There are free busses at the flowerauction Royal FloraHolland bringing you to the walking zone. More info (in Dutch) on komindekaswestland.nl


Can’t make it on Saturday 6 April or Sunday 7 April 2019? Questions or suggestions?  Send an e-mail to veritasvisit(@)gmail.com for more information on Verita’s Visit’s (bike) tours & events to the Holland greenhouses.