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Amsterdam beach cycling route

When I take the Amsterdam beach cycling route I forget about everything. It’s the variety of landscapes that attracts me most. Dunes, North sea coastline, picturesque villages, green meadows and forest. And hidden behind the trees castles, houses with thatched roofs and churches. A Dutch fairytale starts here.

Cycling addicts in Amsterdam area

The best point to begin your fairytale cycling journey is at the castle near the sea and dunes . That is, if you have time and are addicted to cycling. Else start in Zandvoort. It will make this Amsterdam beach cycling route shorter, but still is quite intense. Intense as in the impressions you get, I mean.

bike tour Amsterdam beach resort Verita's Visit
Amsterdam beach resort Zandvoort

From National Park Amsterdam to tulips

In spring I often use the Amsterdam beach cycling route, starting at Kruid & Duinberg to get to Keukenhof. It is a fantastic ride and the long stretch through the dunes really prepares you for the amazing flower fields. It is quite long though, so you:

A. have to have time. A full day is best.

B.  be really fit. This is for experienced cyclists, who cycle a couple of times a week/ do road cycling.

Actually there is already so much to see and enjoy around Zandvoort or the castle, that I would recommend not taking the Amsterdam beach cycling route all the way down to Keukenhof, but just ride the bike in the near surroundings. Relax, listen to the birds, spot the wildlife, have a coffee, visit an estate.

If you want to do the flower fields in spring or summer and add beach and dunes, I suggest this flower & beach bike tour.

spotting Deers in the Amsterdam dunes bike tour Verita's Visit
Deers in the Amsterdam dunes

Amsterdam beach cycling route dunes

Passing the castle you take a right to get into the Kennemerduinen. This area of 9.400 acres, 3.800 hectares is a national park. It hosts a diversity of wild animals: the European bison -Wisent-, Highland cattle, 2 types of deer ( fallow & roe), foxes and many more. At the moment you enter the reserve you hear an orchestra of birds chirping. At one point there’s a road that leads down. Take this and you’ll get into a valley, where water areas are surrounded by waterloving plants which attract different birds.

Meeting the forest ranger of National Park Amsterdam dunes

The cycling path with the dunes and pine trees on your right and the lakes to your left will lead you straight to the North Sea.

Amsterdam sea food enroute

The first beach resort is Bloemendaal. Follow the Amsterdam beach cycling route along the coastline. Stop over for a kibbeling  with friesthe Dutch version of fish and chips. In Zandvoort cross the village’s centre. You might want to linger here a bit longer as it is such a cosy place with great food & drink options.

private family tour Amsterdam beach cycling route Verita's Visit
private family tour Amsterdam beach cycling route

Amsterdam countryside bike ride

From Zandvoort we go inland towards Aerdenhout. You can either follow the N201 – there’s a cycling path next to it- or follow the road untill you hit the gas station and take a left there. Keep right and make sure you have the dunes to your left. You will now follow a road that leads to the fancy houses with thatched roofs. You’ll have them on both sides.

thatched roof houses in the Amsterdam countryside tour Veritas Visit
Thatched roof houses in the Amsterdam countryside

To get back to the beach take a left untill you hit the town Overveen. Look out for the signs of the National Park Kennemerduinen. At the visitors centre take a right. This lovely, hilly cycling path takes you right back to the starting point at the castle.

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