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Dear traveller, dear Holland explorer,

I am Vera ter Beest, I was born on a bicycle and raised in Delft. I’ve lived in The Hague, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Leiden and explored their surrounding thoroughly (by bike of course).  I studied Spanish Language and Culture in Utrecht, the Netherlands and Communication Sciences in Sevilla, Spain & Brussels, Belgium.

When I was a little bit younger I did some solo travelling around the world. My best companion at the time was a packet of stroopwafels. Wherever I went, if I wanted to get connected with locals I asked them a simple question, directions for instance, and gave them this typical Dutch cookie to thank them. You would be amazed by the fantastic conversations that started with a stroopwafel.

During my university years I organised my first events. Festivities to celebrate culture and connect people with an international mindset.

In those years I also got a bit of an obsession with Carmen, the seductive gypsy woman from Sevilla, Spain. But, what attracted me most was that she was invented by a French man.  The result: a thesis about the national identity of Carmen by French author Merimée & French composer Bizet. *

Discover that Dutch culture has a lot in common with your own

Many aspects of Dutch culture are influenced or directly derive from other cultures. At the end, the Netherlands is and will always be a multicultural country.  By connecting you with locals in local festivities and bringing you closer to the origin of the ‘typical’ Dutch traditions & products like eating herring – haring happen- or tulips I want to show you the Dutch culture has a lot in common with your own.  Join a cycle tour, a city challenge or any of the other outings by Verita’s Visit, meet locals & other internationals and together with them you’ll discover that home is right here in Holland.

Your home is right here in the Netherlands

Verita’s Visit is one part of Verita’s Company. Verita’s Teksten, for copywriting & translations in English, Spanish & Dutch is the other part. Veritas in Latin stands for truth and honesty. As an organiser of typical Dutch events, group tours & activities it is my intention to give you a different perspective of Holland. I listen to what you want and what you need and take care of you, before, during and after the event.  

Verita also is a Spanish diminutive for Vera. I like to bring out the child in me, in you. And, I love creating activities for the whole family!

Please browse through this website to see if there’s anything of your liking.  Do you have a specific company outing in the Netherlands in mind? Or an activity for your club, friends or family?  Any other questions or suggestions? I’m happy to meet you for a coffee and a stroopwafel.

* If you can read Spanish and are interested in my thesis, you can find it here.