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3 Creative outings in Leiden conference city

Time might seem scarce when you’re in Leiden for a summit or meeting.  You still want to see the highlights, discover the city’s secrets. You can do that in less than 3 hours with these 3 creative outings in Leiden conference city!

Key to 3 creative outings in Leiden

City of discoveries. A name that fits Leiden like a glove. On the city’s coat of arms are two crossed keys. There’s a reason for that. The best of science, innovation, history and creativity is behind doors. To see the real gems you need to uncross the keys and see on which door they fit. Or, you contact me and I’ll make sure all doors are open. Just pick one of these 3 creative outings in Leiden or discuss your ideas for an activity with me.

Sneak peek behind Rembrandt’s doors

Rembrandt & Rhine river

2019 is the year of Golden Age painter Rembrandt van Rijn. Leiden is thé city to begin your Rembrandt journey. You’ll find out more about the place he was born and raised ánd see the river Rhine. The Leiden City Challenge connects this artist with historical scientists as Einstein, Clusius and other creative minds such as Mondriaan and Olaf.

Clusius: Behind the scenes of Leiden University


Leiden PHD in Dutch Countryside Adventures

The Rhine is not only connected to Rembrandt, it also was the border of the Roman empire. With the Romans came cheese. Most of the Holland cheese cities are around the Rhine. The most famous cheese city of course is Gouda. Did you know Leiden has its own cheese and that it is very different from any other Dutch cheese? Make your Gouda or Leiden cheese in a creative workshop and experience life on a Leiden farm. Combine it with a cheese & windmill bike ride and  earn yourself a PHD in Dutch Countryside Adventures.

Creative water activities

Water plays an important part in the life of the Dutch people. Many cities in the Netherlands are full of canals.  In the Leiden City Challenge you’ll discover how water played a crucial role in the Leiden history. With 28 kilometers of waterways and great connections to the nearby lake area and other cities as The Hague, a creative activity in or around the water should be on your list. From the water, you’ll see Leiden from a different perspective ánd find some of those real gems! Recreate history and use water to free the Leiden locals in a boating adventure.  Or try a very special vault pole to cross the water…

Gaining speed

Tell me your creative Leiden activities

These were my ideas for 3 creative outings in Leiden.  There many ways to get to know Leiden’s secrets in just a few hours. I have many other ideas myself and would love to hear your own suggestions! What does your fantastic creative activity in Leiden conference city look like? Let me know!

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